An Essay Is My Friend: Strategy and Positive Thinking For Successful Essay Writing by Kip Beck
Posted by Kip Beck - 28 May. 2018 - Classroom Materials

Want your students to love writing? Need a new friend? This new, plain language, 35-page booklet will improve their writing by transforming their perception of the task.. and boost their enjoyment of the process.

An Essay Is My Friend: Strategy & Positive Thinking For Successful Essay Writing by Kip Beck.

Actually have fun while mastering how to think before beginning to write, manage time and self-edit strategically, create thesis statements naturally and expand your vocabulary on demand. Plain language definitions, explanations, examples and exercises simplify the secrets to successful essay writing: fun, structure, creativity and positive thinking about the process. Includes main point chapter summaries for easy lesson planning.   

A very affordable resource at only 4.99 USD on Amazon! Also available as an ebook. Here's the link:

Upper-intermediate, Advanced,
Middle school (ages 11-14), High school (ages 15-18), Adult (18+),
General English, Business English, Grammar, TOEFL, IELTS,
Quiz/Assessment, Group activity, Individual activity, Lesson plan,

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