CVC Words and Pictures Puzzles
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CVC words and Pictures Puzzles (FREE RESOURCE)

The words are in five sets organised by the middle vowel. The sets can be used in a variety of ways by individuals, pairs of students or in a group. The puzzles can be cut to make two pieces and used as a picture word matching task or cut to make four pieces as a word making task. For less able students two sets of the puzzles could be made, one set left uncut and the other cut up. The task would then be for the students to match the letters and pictures with the uncut card.

Forty words and pictures are used in the puzzles:-

cat, hat, bat, rat, fan, man, jam, bag, bin, tin, lid, bib, pig, bin, zip, lip, peg, leg, bed, net, ten, hen, pen, men, pot, dog, log, fox, box, rod, cot, mop, nut, hut, jug, mug, sun, sum, bus, bun

Young learners (ages 1-4), Primary school (ages 5-10),
General English,
Group activity, Individual activity,

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