ESL /EAL / ELL Identify by number
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This resource provides an easy way for students to extend their English vocabulary. Students only have to identify the image from the provided list and write the appropriate numbers in the corresponding circles. The worksheets can be used as a follow up to topic work, assessment or just as an interesting short task for increasing some general vocabulary. It is suitable for use with a wide age range.    The following topics and vocabulary contained in this resource are :-

   BODY PARTS  hair, nose, toes, eye, arm, foot, leg, thumb, head, finger nails, tongue, shoulders, ear, finger, teeth, hand  

  VEGETABLES  broccoli, turnip, beetroot, onion, bell pepper, parsnip, potato, cauliflower, sweetcorn, asparagus, leek, cabbage, garlic, lettuce, carrot, peas

   FRUIT  persimmons, blueberry, peach, blackcurrants, banana, gooseberries, orange, kiwi fruit, plum, raspberry, grapes, pomegranate, melon, apple, strawberry, pineapple   

SPORTS  archery, baseball, hockey, golf, tennis, cricket, table tennis, swimming, fishing, rugby, skating, netball, kayaking, football, curling, cycling

   CLOTHES  cardigan, blouse, skirt, sweatshirt, gloves, T shirt, coat, dress, shoes, shorts, boots, jacket, socks, hat, trousers, shirt    Answers are provided.

Beginner, Pre-intermediate,
Primary school (ages 5-10), Middle school (ages 11-14), High school (ages 15-18),
Printable worksheet,

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