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Jinan Lenzkids english & arts training school

Jinan, China

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Lenzkids English & Arts training school (hereinafter referred to as Lenzkids) is registered in domestic civil affairs, the education department of formal English children's art education institutions. Lenzkids children education expert team, professional, innovation, collections, multicultural, focusing on 3 to 12 years old children's English and art education, to bring the children of an advanced, happy international education platform. Lenzkids possesses advanced, world level teaching idea’s, a strong education team, quality customer service, a comfortable teaching environment, and an effective communication approach, with its students and parents. Lenzkids will surely impress you by its uniqueness. Here, you will not only enjoy the English learning environment and art education, but will also be surrounded by classes of diverse cultures, enhanced team work, coupled with parent & child interaction.

At Lenzkids, we have a broad range of premium curriculum. For example bilingual teaching, English Chorus, bands, little bilingual host, kids jazz, kids ballet, parent-child band, theme festival party’s and birthday party celebrations.

We endeavour to integrate creative thinking with problem solving, to make your child, a truly global, creative, and expressive individual, through our diverse teaching approaches.

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