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- I worked in many countries with students of different cultures and nationalities.

- My youngest student was 1,5  y.o, and the oldest is nearly 60.

I use to teach private 1-on-1 classes as well as big groups up to 80 students.

- I’m experienced in most of ESL teaching methods.

- I have good classroom management and discipline skills.

- I’m aware about different standarts in lesson planning

-I know how to communicate with parents to increase their interest in collaborating with a school and help them to support their kids in studying.

- I’m certified by TEFL in China, graduated from the oldest university of Russia, I speak English, Russian, Spanish and Chinese. Also I’m experienced in teaching drama  and dances, I can play guitar, piano, good at singing and performing.

And finally, I do believe that the most important in teaching job is an impact that teacher has on students.  Once you find the right approach to encourage them and help to reach their highest expectations, you will never lose their love, respect and willing to learn.

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February 2017

Moscow State University

Master of arts in Journalism

June 2009


ESL Teacher

I2 International Institute of Education

October 2016 to October 2017

  • - Teaching Nursery: up to 15 students in the class, from 1,5 to 4 y.o., from Monday to Friday, 135 minutes each. Developing ESL teaching program that helps to promote physical, intellectual, social, cultural and emotional needs. It includes planning appropriate activities to improve their listening, comprehension and motoric skills, using approved subjects in storytelling, role playing, games, music and creative art activities.
  • - Teaching one-on-one and small groups (up to 4 students). Range: from 2 to 60 y.o., from primary to business and academic English, preparation for exams and living/studying abroad. Duration: 40/60/80 min class, up to 22 teaching hours per week. Although I2 follows McMillan's educational course, it was required to develop individual study plan for each student according to their personality, expectations, learning objectives and other individual factors.
  • - Phenomenon Based Learning (PBL) classes. Groups up to 12 students, from 3 to 14 y.o., depending on their age group. PBL is a student-centered pedagogy in which students learn about a subject through the experience of solving an openended problem found in trigger material, which includes knowledge acquisition, enhanced group collaboration and communication.
  • - Lesson planning, preparing classroom and coursework materials, homework assignments, and handouts.
  • - Proactive communication with parents to create strong school-home partnerships and to increase parental involvement.
  • - Conducting area trainings for other teachers (my course was about how to teach young learners).
  • - Giving demos to new students, supporting marketing activities, attending weekly meetings and other activities attempt by the company.

English Teacher

Sunshine Education

March 2016 to October 2016

  • During my cooperation with Sunshine Education I worked for different companies as a full- and part-time English teacher.
  • DAYI Kindergarten: 5 classes per day, up to 40 students in each class, students age from 2 to 6 y.o. There were no materials or course provided by the kindergarten, so I had to develop my own teaching course, mainly based on TPR and DM methods.
  • ANDE Public College of Aviation: 4 classes per day, 45 min each, up to 80 students in auditorium. Although I wasn’t given any strict instructions, I focused on two main goals: 1) to develop positive classroom management and effective discipline, 2) to increase their interest in learning English and involve every student in the class. I used both teacher-centered and studentcentered approaches, combining lectures, discussions, brainstorming, pair and group work.
  • Part-time job: public and private schools Giving demo classes and doing marketing activities at private schools and kindergartens

English Tutor

Russian English Spleaking Club

November 2015 to March 2016

  • In December'15 I started Russian-English Speaking Club for foreigners, who lives in Samara, and russians who wants to improve their skills in spoken English. We had 3 classes per week, 90 minutes each. At first steps there were only 4 students, but during 3 weeks after foundation more than 20 people became members of Russian-English Speaking Club. My classes were mainly based on task-by-doing methods, but also I used a lot of entertaining activities, such as role­playing, performing, singing and playing games for learning basic phrases and vocabulary, which helps people to communicate and start speaking a foreign language without anxiety of making mistakes.

Online English Teacher


September 2015 to March 2016

  • One-on-one video&audio classes, age: from 3 to 30. Up to 12 teaching hours per week.
    Platforms: Skype, QQ

    - Providing conversational classes to help students to improve their pronunciation, to correct grammar mistakes and expand their vocabulary bank.
    - Providing feedback, teaching resources and materials, audio and video records.

English Teacher (volunteer)

Various companies

February 2014 to Current

  • I use to volunteer as English teacher in different countries such as Georgia, Eastern Turkey, Cambodia and Vietnam. Normally I do short-term job for on or two weeks during my travels for schools in poor regions, refugees and orphans.

ESL teacher, Counselor, Program Coordinator


November 2013 to September 2015

  • In 2013 I've started as an activity leader, running English sessions for the group of 20 children (6¬-9 years). My primary responsibility was providing lessons in English, organising activities and team building exercises for children. For the next season I got a group of 34 children of 9-12 years old. I was responsible not only for teaching, but also for educational plan development. In a short time I was promoted to be a project coordinator for teenager's language camp (13-17 years). My additional functions were ensuring all administrative needs, training and controlling junior staff and encourage them in good worship leading skills.
    In 2015 I became Senior Project Manager and took responsibility for all aspects of the camp, including planning and implementing summer programs, purchasing and maintaining all related equipment and securing staff, communicating with parents, interacting with children and the camp staff (both English and Russian speakers) as a total system, with children’s best interest in mind.


tesl/tefl certified nursery experience in teaching young learners intermediate level spanish mandarin chinese speaking ability teaching experience guitar player coach of a story telling and drama


russian spanish english chinese


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