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Current city:
hua du of guangzhou
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huadu district of guangzhou .china


Almayca currently has thirteen  language centres. Eleven schools are located in Huadu district,Guangzhou city,Guangdong province.Two schools are located in Guangzhou city,Here’s a brief snapshot of Huadu:


Conveniently located 40 minutes from the provincial capital of Guangzhou, Huadu is a mid-sized city that features the best of both worlds: all the amenities and luxuries of a modern urban centre without the endless traffic and pollution that plague many large Chinese cities.

Huadu boasts a fantastic array of Chinese restaurants, along with the usual Western fast-food outlets, coffee shops and big-box marts. But if you seek a more metropolitan shopping or dining experience, buses leave every 10 minutes for downtown Guangzhou. There you’ll find a diverse selection of restaurants serving international cuisine, mega shopping centres, and supermarkets offering all kinds of imported food.

For long-term getaways, the Baiyun International Airport is a mere 20 minutes away, while buses depart daily for Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen and other popular destinations, making Huadu the ideal jumping off point for trips throughout both China and southern Asia.

For a Chinglish take on the city, visit the Government of Huadu website at:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the salary?

The starting salary for teachers at Almayca is 15,000 RMB per month for 25hours per week. If you work more than 25 hours in any given week, the overtime rate is 150 RMB per hour. Upon completion of your one year teaching contract, Almayca will give you a 6,000 RMB bonus (depending upon contract length).

What are the hours of work? What other duties do I have to do besides teaching?

As mentioned above, you will be paid for 25 hours per week. The hours are distributed over five days. The majority of these hours will be classroom instruction time; however, they may also include promotional and marketing activities such as English corners, open classes and flyer distribution. While class preparation is expected, it is not included in the 25 hours.

Who will I be teaching?

As a language centre, we have students of all levels and ages, from small children to teens and advanced adults. We teach at several kindergarten and primary schools in the city, and we also have classes at Almayca for teenagers as well as beginning, intermediate, conversation and business courses for adults. As a teacher at Almayca, you can expect to teach a little bit of everything. We believe this adds some nice variety to the job and is a great way for you to get a wide-range of teaching experience. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for “adult-only” or “children-only” teaching schedules.

What about accommodation?

Almayca will provide you with a fully-furnished apartment . Every apartment comes with one or more air conditioners, a TV, hot water heater, washer and stove. Almayca will cover the rental costs during your stay, but it’s your responsibility to pay the monthly utilities.

How do I get a work visa?

Almayca have the qualification to get the the work visa for the native speaker

Who pays for my flight?

It is your responsibility to arrange and pay for your flight to China. Almayca will reimburse the partial or total cost of your flight in the form of an airfare bonus upon completion of your contract. The amount of the bonus depends upon the length of the term of your contract. For a 12-month contract, for example, Almayca provides a 6,000 RMB airfare bonus. We can also help you arrange an affordable flight home.

Will I be met at the airport?

Yes. A representative from Almayca will pick you up at the airport and bring you to your apartment. And if you’re not too tired, they will take you to meet the other teachers and show you around town.

Will I be the only foreigner at the school?

No. The amount of teachers working at Almayca can vary slightly from term to term but it’s never less than Six .

What quality of life can I expect?

With a starting salary of 15,000 RMB per month, you’ll enjoy a comfortable middle-class lifestyle in China. As you’ll be living rent-free, the majority of your income will be disposable. Your biggest expense will likely be food, but whether you cook at home or eat out, you’ll find both options are extremely affordable.

How much vacation time will I get?

One of the great benefits of working in China is you’ll get lots of time off to travel. You’ll enjoy three weeks holidays for Chinese New Year, which is based upon the lunar calendar and usually occurs in January or February, two weeks off at the end of summer school in August, and one week for Chinese National Day in October. Depending upon the length of your contract with Almayca, The vacation days will be unpaid.

How will I be able to communicate?

The management and most of the Chinese staff at Almayca can speak English. However, as Huadu is fairly small cities, you won’t run into many other people who do. As a result, ordering food or trying to find your way across town can be challenging if you don’t speak Chinese. But that’s half the fun of living in China, isn’t it?

Naturally, our staff will be more than happy to help you with any communication problems you may have, and they may even be willing to give you some free Mandarin classes (of course in exchange for free English lessons)! To improve your level of independence and comfort outside of school, we strongly recommend you buy a Chinese phrase book (preferably Mandarin, as it’s easier to learn than Cantonese and it’s the language common throughout China) and carry it with you at all times. A phrase book covers the basic language used in a variety of situations travelers might find themselves in and is a great way to learn to speak Chinese.

Teaching at Almayca

About Us

Almayca Languages Centre was established in Huadu in 2004 by foreign and Chinese partners. Although little known at the time, Almayca quickly earned a reputation in the community for its excellent teachers and commitment to quality ESL instruction. Since then, Almayca has become the exclusive provider of English language courses for several kindergartens, and primary and middle schools in Huadu. In the Spring of 2009, Almayca opened its first branch school in huadu.until now we have eleven schools .

Our Culture

As a teacher with Almayca, you’ll enjoy a laidback work environment. We know that the main reason you chose to live and work in China was probably to travel and experience a new language and culture. That’s why we provide our teachers with plenty of downtime and vacation days. We also don’t assign our teachers needless office hours if there aren’t enough classes, nor do we demand to see their lesson plans. As a teacher, we ask that you show up for class on time; prepare for your classes; and conduct yourself in a responsible and professional manner. Be open-minded and be willing to grow and adapt both as a teacher and as an outsider in a foreign country. If you can do this, both you and your students will have an enjoyable, fun experience.

Our Classes

We have a wide variety of classes suited for students of all ages and levels from kindergarten to advanced conversational English for adults. Although most courses have reading and writing components, our focus is on improving our students’ oral English skills, whether they’re 5 or 50. Classes are held both at the languages centre and off-site at local schools.

Our Students

Our students come to Almayca with a wide-ranging base of English skills. Children, obviously, are in need of the basics, while advanced adults merely seek an opportunity to practice their oral English with a foreigner. Our students primarily come from middle and upper class backgrounds and most of them (or their parents) realize the importance of having strong English skills in order to secure better educational and/or career opportunities in the future.

Apply Now

If you’re interested in exploring a teaching opportunity with Almayca, we’d love to hear from you! We are always seeking outgoing and fun people who are looking for new adventures in teaching and traveling!

Please send your resume, a copy of your passport photo and any other relevant documents or certificates to Sam Zhang at:

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