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Novi Sad, Serbia

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Hi! My name is Dunja (pronounced Dunya, because Serbian is a weird language), I'm 23 y/o as of 2017 and I live with two lovely cats. I've been working as an ESL teacher since the summer 2014 and I've found that it's the right calling for me. I take pride in my patience and empathy, and I believe I connect with people easily. I've been learning over 6 languages (some successfully, some less so) since my teenage years so I can sympathize with both the victories and the defeats in the self-improvement journey the student has taken. 

I have great interest in psychology, including both language acquisition and developmental psychology, so right now I'm looking into working with children and younger audiences more. Furthermore, I also draw and use the graphic tablet proficiently, so I take any chance I get to explain a difficult word or a concept through imagery.

I'm very familiar with the Japanese culture, mentality and language (acquired both through independent learning and work experience) so working with Japanese people is preferred. However, I'm always eager to learn more about any corner of the world and meet people with diverse backgrounds.



Specialist of illustration

October 2017

Karlovacka gimnazija

Classical Philologist

June 2012


Engineer of graphic design and engineering

October 2016


Online English Tutor

various online companies

June 2014 to Current

I work as an online ESL tutor, helping people advance in their learning journey, correcting mistakes, explaining grammar and vocabulary and generally helping the student relax and freely express their thoughts in English. I have strong work ethics and don't promise what I can't deliver. So far, I've had dozens of my students pass tests such as IELTS, PET, FCE and other language proficiency tests with flying colors. I also occasionally do proofreading and correction jobs.

I speak in a neutral-american accent (accent-neutral; general American)


illustration and drawing essay/academic writing proofreading article writing material creation teaching esl tutor tutoring


english japanese (intermediate) serbian


Early March 2018
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