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My name is Karina. I am a very experienced English teacher. I was born in a multinational region of Russia in an european cultures-focused family. So I am a person who is highly interested in foreign languages,especially in teacning English,which is my favorate one.

I am like a native,I have been speaking English since my childhood and parallelly studying such foreign languages as German,French,Italian,Spanish and some others too. It was my hobby! As a result, I am trilingual. I speak perfectly English,Russian and Georgian.

So I have always dreamed of working abroad to test my oppotunities and recieve benefit from it. I am happy to have discovered Europe and Georgia ( since living there for about 20 years ) to have a really fine practice of teaching there through the multiple trainings for new teaching technologies and FCE, I have also practiced tourism,conducting private tours using my languages experience.

During my multiple practice of a foreign language teacher,which profession I mastered in a corresponding institution of my native city, I taught English,German and other languages individually,in groups and even online for students of all levels and any age,as a  state and private teacher and even did a lot of translations in varied spheres. Besides,I practiced Business English to executives and adults.

As for my main feature,I enjoy improving myself and I always care about my professional growth. On getting a TESOL Certificate through Uni-Prep, now again I hope I will get the chance to go to some other country to teach ESL students. Reviewing all the materials of the TESOL cource enriched my personal proficiency level,without saying, and ensured me for my better teaching in the ESL classroom.

So,I am waiting for your call! Thank you for visiting me!



120-Hour TESOL Certificate

July 2018

State Vocational College,Georgia

Professional Guide's Diploma

February 2014

State Vocational College,Georgia

Computer Consumer-Operator's Certificate

July 2012

Georgian National Center

English Teacher"s Certificate (European Framework,FCE)

July 2012

State Pedagogical University of Omsk,Russia

Master-Degree Teacher of English and German Languages

July 1988


Private English and German Tutor (Vladivostok,Russia)

July 2017 to Current

Trained private students of 6-35 years from beginner to advanced individually and online to improve their language skills and provided tutoring for all kinds of entry/final exams

  • devised private lesson plans integrating new teaching technologies into domestic environment engaging conversation and social interaction
  • supervised students to ensure compliance with European Standards in working on modern international learning programs and prepared them for exams
  • made training for adult students from beginner level up to advanced in Business and American English and in German for Deutsch Zertifikat exam

Substitute EFL Teacher

State Art College (Vladivostok,Russia)

September 2018 to June 2020

Taught conversational and grammatical course in English according to curriculum in groups of 8-10 with Freshman students' range from beginner to intermediate

  • implemented content-based Art-technical course in English focusing on students' studying progress evaluation and graduation procedures
  • designed and realized syllabus and video lesson plans for required coursework tutoring students in conversational and grammatical principles
  • prepared additional dynamic materials and provided online seminars both in General and Technical English using Zoom and Skype

Foreign Language Trainer

Learning Foreign Languages Center (Vladivostok,Russia)

September 2017 to July 2018

Trained private students aged 7-50 years English,German,French and Spanish of various levels and demands in 4:1; 3:1; 2:1 and 1:1 (student-teacher ratio) for 30 hours a week

  • designed and implemented individualized curriculum based on European Textbooks with exposure to western culture
  • created and conducted lesson plans focused on improving overall language proficiency and ,especially, students' speaking abilities
  • enhanced learning process using innovative and effective ways of teaching and modern technologies via role-play activities and presentations

EFL Teacher

State Grammar School (Vladivostok,Russia)

September 2016 to May 2017

Taught English as a Foreign Language to high schoolers in groups of 10-15 according to state educational curriculum

  • educated English spoken,high Grammar,Comprehension Reading,writing creative essays,making projects and presentations
  • provided goal driven lesso plan development with ongoing support of resources and all kinds of material including visual aids
  • composed mid-term and final tests and conducted curricular assessments,helped students to prepare for examsand applications

English and German Tutor

Private Teaching (Tbilisi,Georgia)

September 2015 to May 2016

Provided extensive courses in spoken English and German to private post-graduate students going  abroad and seeking for jobs in one-on-one,for beginners

  • helped students improve their listening,speaking,reading and writing skills via individual sessions through original video courses
  • designed lessons combining students' personal interests with lesson objectives to create each individual curriculum
  • specialized in creating innovative learning strategies encouraging understanding over memorization

ESL Teacher

Public Regional School (Georgia,Europe)

September 2011 to June 2015

Taught English as a second language to small groups from 2 up to 8 students aged 6-12 years in 1-6 grades like a native speaker

  • implemented interactive lessons for written and spoken English using International Standards teaching methods in video and PS classes
  • developed innovative elementary school curriculum integrating new teaching technologies according to the European Framework
  • helped children learn English in a fun safe environment investigating their wants,interests and needs in the form of role-playing activities


tesol over 10 years experience teaching english as a foreign language cambridge exams preparation comfortable working with children and adults basic computer skills working in group • excellent communication skills, both written and verbal •outstanding english speaking and writing abilities creative teacher positive attitude


english german french italian (elementary) beginner portuguese russian(conversationally fluent) some spanish english (native-like speaker) trilingual


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