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Zhengzhou No. 1 High School was founded on March 5, 1949. It follows the style of the academy of Dongli College (Ming), Tianzhong College (Qing) and Mingxin Middle School (Republic of China). Zhengzhou No.1 Middle School is a famous domestic school with a rich historical heritage and unique spiritual connotation. It focuses on the wisdom and soul of students as the core of the school culture, full of innovative spirit, capable of cultivating top-notch talents with international vision and having core competitiveness. The international community enjoys a certain popularity. In 1959, it was identified as “Henan Provincial Key Middle School”. In 1980, it was identified as “the first batch of key middle schools in Henan Province”. In 2004, it was first criticized as “Model High School in Henan Province”. China Top 100 Middle Schools, in April 2017, the first criticism was the model school for the development of ordinary high schools in Henan Province. It has won more than 30 national honors such as “National Advanced Unit of Spiritual Civilization Construction”, “Advanced Unit of National Education System”, “National Primary and Secondary School Campus TV Program Gold Award”, and more than 400 provincial and municipal honors. Since China organized a delegation to participate in the World Middle School Student Discipline Olympiad, a total of 12 people from Zhengzhou No. 1 Middle School have won the National Olympic Gold Medal, more than 100 people won the national gold medal, and the provincial first prize of more than 1,500 people, occupying most of the starry sky in Henan, in China. In the middle school is in a leading position. In 2010, Zhengzhou Yizhong Education Group was established to open the primary school, junior high school and high school education, and develop the curriculum with the characteristics of Zhengzhou No. 1 Middle School according to the national curriculum standards.

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No.1 high school

No.1 High school

No.1 high shool 

No.1 High school

No.1 High school


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