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2F 64 Qiao Lin Street (Linle Road)Tian He Bei Road, Tian He District
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About us:   Oxbridge Education Centre (OEC), adopts “We All Can Talk”(WACT) interactive learning programme which is specially designed to enlightening and enhancing children's interest in learning conventional English through incremental fiction and non-fiction books as well as adventurous charactorised theme stories.
Under the influence of Native English teaching environment, children will be able to build up reading, speaking and writing skills naturally and effectively. There are other supporting learning materials to encourage active reading style in order to assist young and non native English speaking learner to build up their confidence in day-to-day English application.
We realised that traditional memorisation and rote learning are not enough to prepare your child for today's competitive and fast changing World. In fact, more and more studies suggested that active learning through interactivities is the way forward. This is the reason being for our Centre to implement modern learning style to bring fun and effectiveness to young learner for learning English. We are bringing in sound and visual stimulation to our learners for empowering their visualisation and imagination in which we believed it would be the most natural way for young learner to taking in information. Through this, our young learner will use the language in a very natural and appropriate way. Besides, young learner will learn fast and study the subject with intact interest especially for topics that are imaginative and adventurous.
Our aim is to accommodate individual learner’s interest and ability as well as academic challenges throughout foundation English training under a personal, friendly and fun learning environment. Young learners will come across various experiences coinciding with interactive multimedial stimulation and practises that help to build up their vocabularies, grammatical skills, reading and writing abilities. Our ideology is if a student enjoys learning English, he/she will progress substantially. Most important of all, our small class sizes give children plenty of opportunities to interact and focus with the teachers and other students.

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