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Rm1602, A1 Central Park Plaza, Chaoyang District, Beijing PRC


  • Founded in 2017, Since Win Educational Technology Group has become a leading brand of international education in China, focusing on online Education for children aged 3-12. We provide quality online education services for children which promotes their personal development, their international vision, and engages them in different instructional settings, patterns, and environments. Our services are committed to using the Internet, mobile terminals, multimedia emerging technology, tangible products, and services. All these are strongly supported by our state of the art research and Internet technology team.

    We are a new online educational company, that is committed to providing international education that every child will enjoy learning. We Provide online education throughout various cities in China, spreading multicultural and international knowledge to young learners in every corner of China. We provide the opportunity for every child to learn about the different sides of the planet broadening their world vision. This enables children to gain extensive knowledge about worldwide humanities, geography, climate, and customs.

    Our Culture: Educational equality and professional innovation. 
    Our Vision: Allow every child in every corner of China to have access to and enjoy international education. 
    Core Team

    Technical team: 
    We have a group of highly qualified technical experts from the basic of BAT internet company which is our foundation stone for our researching production. 

    Teaching and researching team:
    We have a teaching and researching team who are fully qualified in childhood education. All the courses are researched and edited by our famous and International educational experts. We are strongly committed to providing an educational team who are fully qualified and possess strong ethical behavior, high academic standards, and active and outgoing personalities.
  • Current Location: Beijing China
  • Address: Rm1602, A1 Central Park Plaza, Chaoyang District, Beijing PRC

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