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Hi, my name is Stefan Djerkovic, I am 27 years old. I am from Montenegro and I graduated from Maritime Faculty. I sailed on the ship for a year with breaks and no long after that I decided to leave this job and to start a new life with God's help.

The reason why I leave this job is because I didn’t see purpose in it. I wasn’t happy and fulfilled. Too long I was trying to figure out what should I do and thank God, finally, one friend of mine suggested me this job, but in online teaching. The point is I don’t want to teach online, I want physically to come and to change my life and to help the children. Finally, I can see real purpose in that. I can be in the position to help the children to have a better future tomorrow.

What more should I want? We can make their lives better than ours, if we approach to them in the right way. We can really make difference and make their lives easier, to really work with them, to recognize their talents and tomorrow they can be really successful people. But when I say successful, I was not thinking about wealth. I was thinking about peace, happiness, enjoyment and fulfilment, because they will find themselves and that is most important.

That’s what I’m fighting for and that is the reason why I quit my job. I want better tomorrow for myself, as well as for others, especially for the children. They are so young and they need our help. Together we can make better future for our children, as well as for ourselves. The question is, do we really want that? Just think about this. Maybe I am not a native level speaker, but I am a good and a fluent speaker. I even do music on English, music is my first love. Please feel free to check my work in the link below.


Best wishes and stay blessed!


Maritime Faculty Kotor, Montenegro

Degree of Bachelor Nautics

July 2017



Thome Ship Management; Hill Robinson

December 2017 to January 2020

My journey with sailing has started in December 2017. First sailing: from December 2017 until June 2018. Second sailing: from December 2018 to March 2019 and finally third sailing: from October 2019 to January 2020. I was learning all naval work, as well as work on the Bridge for the Officer job. 


songwriting recording


english serbian


As I said, music is my first love and this is the lyrics video of one of my songRead More


Photo shooting for one of my songs.


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