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Hi my name is Tati. I am looking forward to working with children as my primary career and take on new foundations to creating a development including English/ Psychology/ Health. I'm very familiar with the Spanish culture, and language as I have acquired both through independent learning and work travel experience. Thus working with Spanish people is preferred. However, I'm very eager to learn more about any corner of the world and meet people with diverse backgrounds as I am very culturally sensitive. 

I am a warm and caring individual who wants all children to be successful learners and works to

create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging and adaptive to the varied needs of

students. A career in teaching English to speakers of other languages offers opportunities to me

offers experience other cultures and make new friends.My intention would be to learn and develop my teaching skills. I would like to establish myself as a an active profound teacher. 


Florida Atlantic University

Bachelor of Science

August 2015




December 2010 to Current

Childcare working experience creating daily tasks, agenda, games, and activities 


two-year experience in teaching english to foreigners full time bilingual english and spanish comfortable working with children and adults educational psychology teaching, writing, editing, working with children & teens, communication, and interpersonal skills.


swedish english spanish


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