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How to independently write a term paper in accordance with methodology

Methodology does not regulate the content of the course work. You will find information about this in the guidelines or requirements which you can find via link or with your supervisor.

It also does not regulate issues such as:

  • The depth and completeness of the study, the requirements for the number of methods used and their choice;
  • Selection of reliable, relevant sources, their required number;
  • The number of pages, illustrative material required for the full disclosure of the topic;
  • The degree of elaboration of the proposed activities, their essence.

That is, methodology does not regulate what and how much you want to write. He is responsible only for questions regarding the design of the text. Teachers pay special attention to the design of the work, because this way you can check the attentiveness and conscientiousness of the student simply by scrolling through them, without reading or checking the calculations. The fewer design errors, the higher the likelihood that the student was able to write an excellent study on their own.

Methodology regulates the design of such frequently used course items as pictures, text, tables, formulas, descriptions of sources. Let us analyze how to write a term paper by methodology according to the type of elements.

How to write your own text

Course work in accordance with the requirements of methodology is written in Times New Romance font of the fourteenth size using one and a half spacing. When using it, it is possible to write the permissible number of lines on one page.

The text is aligned to the width of the sheet, each paragraph begins with an indent of 1.25 centimeters long. Registration of the course according to methodology involves the placement of numbers. The numbering begins with the title page, but the page number is not put on it. It will be visible from the second sheet, and is located on the top right. Visit Website to find additional formatting guide.

Headings are written in bold, indented one line before and after them. The names of the main structural elements are indicated in capital letters. The structural and official elements are the introduction conclusion, bibliography, chapters. The period at the end of these titles and paragraph titles is not put.

To write a list yourself, use bullets or numbering. The markers should be the same for all text. This is done using the appropriate text editor menu item.

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