A Workbook for new EAl/ ESL/ ELL students - Facts about My Country and Me
Posted by EALEE - 14 Feb. 2018 - Classroom Materials


  This workbook provides a useful activity for new arrivals at the Initial Stage of learning English. By using this workbook, new arrivals can show some of their knowledge about their home countries. Teachers also gain some information about level of English acquisition, interests, likes and different cultures of the new students.    The following information is requested:-  country name, flag, capital city, population, climate, where he/she lived and now lives, map of the country, school attended, then and now, favourite school subjects, sports and hobbies, celebrations, famous people, famous sports people, favourite drinks, favourite food, favourite film, favourite book, favourite music    Research on the internet for images to be included in the workbook is suggested.    If vocabulary is unknown and students are literate in their home languages, a home language/English dictionary could be used to aid comprehension.     Some graphics have been included to support the meanings of unknown vocabulary.  Colour has not been used, so that printing cost is kept to a minimum.  In addition to writing answers to questions, students could colour and decorate the workbook as an additional activity.    When the student has completed the workbook, it could be used as a resource for peers, so that they can learn a few facts about the country and the student’s interests. This would also encourage interaction with other students who could ask the new student questions. This would give the new student some status and help the new student to feel welcome and valued.

Primary school (ages 5-10), Middle school (ages 11-14), High school (ages 15-18), Adult (18+),
Printable worksheet, Individual activity,

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