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Category: Classroom Materials
Change sentences into simple present tense ... Read more
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Category: Classroom Materials This resource engages students while developing the use of simple past tense, word order, reading, vocabulary and sentence construction including the use of capitals at th ... Read more
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Quick survey!
Posted by Outside English - 16 Apr. 2020
Category: Forum
Hi EFL Teachers! My partner and I are EFL teachers researching online resources websites which offer useful materials to other teachers. We know what it is like to spend time flicking through textbooks and scrolling through pages, trying to find something which will help your students. We want to u ... Read more
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Category: Classroom Materials
Bring your classroom into the 21st Century! The 4Cs are critical to your success as a teacher in 2020. Don't risk being left behind. Master the 4Cs in this highly dynamic, engaging course from TEDx speaker, 2x Teacher of the Year and Teacher Trainer Wayne Finley:Critical ThinkingCreative ThinkingCom ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials 24 Clothes Vocabulary BOOM task cards provide a fun, interactive, vocabulary building activity for ESL, EAL, ELL, EFL, ELD students who are initial learners of English. Some younger native En ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials School Vocabulary is a very useful relaxing activity for students who are at the initial stage of acquiring English. Students look at the pictures, read the choice of words and click on the appropri ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
"The 1-Minute Prep Time ESL Lessons That Gets Results" Get your 8 Free Lessons to Teach ESL Online to Are you looking to "Go-Solo" in 2020? Cut out the Middle-Man! Start teaching your own students. Schedule a call with me to get curriculum to te ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials previews in the TpT EALEE store show samples of the contents contained in each of the 5 booklets. Please click on the above link to access the previews.ESL /EAL / ELL / ELD / EFL s ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials /EAL / ELL / ELD /EFL Verb puzzles provide an interesting way to learn/ revise the different forms of irregular verbs. The puzzles are in three different sets. Set 1 (pictures showing the actions), s ... Read more
Category: Teaching Articles do you think?Which of the links is better for checking the level of the students? ... Read more
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Category: Classroom Materials / ESL / EFL / ELL / ELD Worksheets and Games for Initial Learners Clothes Vocabulary is suitable for use with students from age 8 to adult. The resource could be suitable for ... Read more
Classroom Warmers
Posted by Sabrina - 08 Oct. 2019
Category: Teaching Articles
Planning EFL lessons take time. As teachers we like to spend time making sure we create interesting and effective lessons which deal appropriately with the content of the lesson but which also flow nicely and make logical sense. Lesson planning is key to helping our learners learn. Without good less ... Read more
ESL / EAL / ELL Clothes Dominoes
Posted by EALEE - 04 Oct. 2019
Category: Classroom Materials EAL / ELL Clothes Dominoes is a very useful fun resource to use independently or to reinforce most of the vocabulary contained in the resource containing worksheets and games for initial learners for clothes vocabul ... Read more
Parts of the Face Flashcards
Posted by Sarah - 14 Sep. 2019
Category: Classroom Materials
I have a lovely set of 6 parts of the face flashcards you can download for free from my website. Perfect for little learners! ... Read more
Category: Teaching Articles
Flashcards can be so much more than passive, one-way teaching aids - they're a great resource that you can use to play countless fun games with young kids! Here are five fun flashcard games we love to play in class - all suitable for 3 - 7 year olds!Read the full article here: https://www.teatimemon ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials Bingo is a fun interesting way of developing vocabulary and learning some of the common clichéd similes. Being more aware of this method of enhancing descriptive writing encourages stud ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
This is a fun way of reviewing / developing English vocabulary and learning more about different parts of speech. Your students will spend time discussing the meanings of unknown vocabulary before deciding to which part of speech the word belongs. They will then be able to use the appropriate colour ... Read more
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  • Miss Tammi That's great, thank you for sharing. Extra motivational to decipher it correctly and the logical "hints" it provides as the patterns unfold will increase confidence / opportunity for reinforcement of correct terminology. Lovely stuff, thanks indeed.
Category: Classroom Materials you looking to extend your students English vocabulary in a fun way? This summer themed vocabulary resource provides a range of worksheets, games and activities which can be ... Read more
  • EALEE Thank you for your interest in this product. My resources are all available in my EALEE store in Teachers pay Teachers. Most of my resources have to be purchased but there i.s also a selection of free resources for you to down load. Here is the link to the summer time vocabulary resource. The price of this resource is $5.99 If you want to purchase any resources or download free resources and are not already registered with Teachers pay Teachers, you will probably have to register. It is free to register. Hope you find something useful Best Wishes from EALEE
  • Shirley Are these only samples? How can we get them?
Classroom objects set
Posted by Evelina - 16 Jun. 2019
Category: Classroom Materials
Classroom objects set: clip cards, memory matching cards, spelling cards, flash cards and a mini book ... Read more
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Category: Forum
Hi everybody! I've made a website for ESL Teachers to use to share lesson note (memo) templates with each other. It's main benefit is productivity as it can cut down your memo/notes writing time down drastically once you have added your templates (or you can search for templates submitted by othe ... Read more
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