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Category: Classroom Materials your students need to learn to write in sentences? This resource makes writing in sentences easy! The appropriate words are all provided for describing what is happening in each picture. All ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
A great resource for ESL/EFL/ELA Classrooms to learn something new about Chinese culture and Chinese New Year Celebrations in Particular.Chinese New Year Vocabulary Flash Cards and Informational Text contains -Vocabulary Flash Cards (Picture+Chinese Language + English Translation and pronounciati ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials your students need to increase their English vocabulary? This heart themed resource has a variety of interesting worksheets for developing a wide range of English vocabulary. It also provides motivation fo ... Read more
Christmas Cards
Posted by EALEE - 13 Dec. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials these Christmas cards is a fun activity for this time of year. There is a range of different cards for colouring and decorating. A selection of pages for writing / tracing a message and sticking inside is included or alter ... Read more
Category: Forum
Through our portal: ( we provide tools for Live and Interactive online teaching through Virtual Classroom System meant for tutoring students staying at different remote locations.  We have FREE One to One (One Teacher  One Student), and Paid One to Many Online Tutoring platform. Throu ... Read more
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Is it sensible to be sensible?
Posted by Emma - 08 Dec. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials Conversation lesson is based on the article 'Is it sensible to be sensible' from the BBC Radio 4's "4 In Four" website. The objective of the lesson is to use an authentic article to expand vocabulary, improve co ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials's a new lesson plan based on a short news article from the NPR news website. This structured conversation lesson for intermediate+ students introduces 5 new phrasal verbs and includes an exercise to practise para ... Read more
Christmas Bingo
Posted by EALEE - 27 Nov. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials students will enjoy playing this Christmas Bingo Game while increasing vocabulary and developing reading skills through the use of visual support. Playing the game is particularly helpful to students who are lear ... Read more
Category: Teaching Articles
Teaching advanced students is a challenge for all teachers: either native or non-native speakers, fresh out of the university or experienced ones. I remember having my first advanced group of students. I was so stressed, biting my lips and saying: “What do I have to prepare? If they know more than I ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
Hi all,Given the current state of the world. It is a good idea to focus on an endangered animals lesson.Here is a lesson plan I made with an accompanying PowerPoint. ... Read more
Category: Forum
Hi everyone! I'm an English teacher and I developed. WriteBetter,  a plug-in for Word that helps you understand how English words are used in real contexts. Also, it has an integrated dictionary that shows you definitions, synonyms, and examples. I invite you to try it. IT'S FREE!! :D https://writeb ... Read more
Countable and Uncountable Nouns
Posted by EALEE - 19 Nov. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials
Countable and Uncountable Nouns consists of a variety of easily completed worksheets with answer keys. Photographs have been used so that items can be easily identified.   ... Read more
ESL Idioms Collection
Posted by Jack - 17 Nov. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials
Idioms are a great way to speak English like a Native Speaker and we have compiled some of the best in an easy to print and presentable layout. Please enjoy. ... Read more
Category: Teaching Articles
I think we can all agree that competitions should be free and fair. Especially, those taking place between schools. However, that is not the reality sometimes. You can read more here. ... Read more
Category: Teaching Articles
Because of the current global trend and focus on STEM subjects in Education. I decided to write an article highlighting this and the problems with it. These problems include the loss of creativity, damaging soft skills and furthering gender inequality.Please take the time to read.https://thatsilverl ... Read more
Reading books
Posted by Jack - 22 Oct. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials
Reading books is a valuable activity for anyone but they are especially helpful to students to encourage correct English use and awareness as well as imagination.We have just created a Classic books section which is 100%. Teachers and students can view and download classical books. There are many bo ... Read more
Great Flashcards
Posted by Jack - 20 Oct. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials
A great and free selection of Flashcards covering many topics and themes.The Flashcards are easy to download in PDF format.If you would like custom Flashcards made with a school or business name or logo then we can do that for you. ... Read more
Phone problems in class
Posted by Jack - 20 Oct. 2018
Category: Teaching Articles
Are you having trouble controlling phone use in your class. Well check out this article for some tricks and tips. you ... Read more
Teaching by PowerPoints
Posted by Jack - 20 Oct. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials
Hey all, Great free Powerpoint lessons which students really enjoy can be found here, There are a number of themes and subjects that will help you immensely as teachers. So please take a look and see how it goes.Thank you ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials you are looking for a different way for your students to improve reading, increase vocabulary and have more interaction with peers, this Race Around the Track game could be just what you need. Your students w ... Read more