Verb Tense Puzzles for EAL / ESL / ELL/ ELD/ EFL
Posted by Cristel - 22 Nov. 2019 - Classroom Materials

ESL /EAL / ELL / ELD /EFL Verb puzzles provide an interesting way to learn/ revise the different forms of irregular verbs. The puzzles are in three different sets.

Set 1 (pictures showing the actions), simple present, simple past and past participle (18 verbs) 

Set 2 simple present, simple past and past participle (20 verbs)

Set 3 simple present, simple past, past participle and present participle (18 verbs)

The verbs used in each set are:-


blow, feed, buy, light, ring, sing, eat, write, cut, drink, give, take, dig, sew, speak, run, build, read


go, come, sit, sell, break, stand, see, do, leave, begin, bite, think, catch, draw, drive, fall, fight, fly, forget, grow


have, hide, hold, know, throw, make, pay, ride, say, shake, sink, steal, strike, swim, take, teach, wear, be

The changes in third person singular are indicated in brackets or with a change of words.

Beginner, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate,
Middle school (ages 11-14), Adult (18+),
General English,
Game, Quiz/Assessment, Song/movie, Individual activity, Lesson plan,

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