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Category: Classroom Materials
Everything you'll need to plan an English language lesson successfully! Brought to you by ESL  ... Read more
  • andru Thanks anyway ! the theme reminded me of my blood pressure .. haha
  • andru Thanks anyway ! the theme reminded me of my blood pressure .. haha
Category: Classroom Materials for use  Laminate the pages and cut to make individual cards.    Activity 1  Use as a matching activity for learning the present, past and past participle of irregular verbs. To aid sorting, p ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
Help you students to improve their English listening skills for the long-term with 5 simple steps.  Learn more at our blog to you by  ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
Grab your students attention early with the Top 10 ESL Icebreakers & Warm-ups.  Easy to do, low-prep, and highly engaging!From ... Read more
Occupations Games and Activities
Posted by EALEE - 11 Feb. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials shows, students need multiple and various exposures to a word before they fully understand that word and can apply it. This occupations resource provides a variety of different games and activities for expos ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
tps:// resource provides a variety of interesting and fun ways for your students to learn / consolidate the vocabulary of some adjectives.    This opposites resource which develops mainly the voc ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials This resource is suitable for use with all students who are unfamiliar with the naming of some common flowers and leaves. Using this picture and word matching activity will help with the r ... Read more
Word Order for EAL / ESL / ELL
Posted by EALEE - 09 Feb. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials Are your students needing to improve their English word order? These worksheets and follow up activity will help with both written and spoken sentence construction.    The 17 worksheets provide illustrations with words pr ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials is booklet 2 of a set of 5 booklets. The colours introduced are red, blue, yellow, purple, green, orange, black, white, brown, grey and pink.  There is a reference page at the ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials English Words is very useful for all students and particularly beneficial for students who are new to English. It is also suitable for use with a wide age range. The pages provide a collection of vocabu ... Read more
Collaboration: Improving outcomes
Posted by Lisa - 08 Feb. 2018
Category: Teaching Articles
I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend Bett Asia where the focus of both the Summit and the Expo was “Cultivating Global Collaboration in Education”  Attending this event reminded of how much more students and educators alike can achieve if we share our ideas and are open to collaboration. ... Read more
Hello Kids 1
Posted by Evelina - 05 Feb. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials
Hello Kids 1 is an activity book for first graders. -> black and white activity sheets for photocopyingAt ESLChallenge  English teaching resources ... Read more
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Category: Classroom Materials
Get your students writing and performing with this brand new free printable worksheets to download! This fun and multifaceted writing activity includes story planning, writing an article or story for a newspaper or magazine, grammar practice in the form of writing wh-questions and yes/no questions, ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
Hi! I´m inviting to follow this edublog full of ideas and resources for the English class! Please, click onEdublog :Tips, news & ideas for creating and using didactic materials for English Language Teaching ... Read more
  • Shanella Hi I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for these additional tips. I really wish to build a career teaching online. And you are an aid for me to do so.
Category: Classroom Materials
I´m inviting to follow an Edublog full of tips,ideas and resources for teaching English:Edublog Tips,news and ideas for Teaching English ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
DEVELOPING AUTHENTIC TEACHING MATERIALS 5 TOP TIPS Teaching materials is a generic term used to describe the resources teachers use to deliver instruction. Teaching materials can support student learning and increase student success. Ideally, the teaching materials will be tailored to the content i ... Read more
English Tests Online
Posted by Mustafa - 04 Feb. 2018
Category: Teaching Articles is great website for both English learners and teachers that look for English tests online. It contains about hunders of tests with more than 17.000 multiple choice questions on grammar and vocabulary, etc. are also many tests on differ ... Read more
  • Uliana To study English and prepare for exams, I recommend the online English school EnglishPapa. On the site you can take a free test to determine the level of English. After training, an international certificate is issued
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Category: Teaching Articles
Developing Authentic Teaching Materials  ... Read more
Category: Teaching Articles
Are you searching for teaching interview tips to land your dream teacher job? Wonderful, you found the right post for interview strategies for teachers and other educators. When you walk into a teacher interview, you will be only judged on your responses to the interview questions. The interview ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
Teaching Grammar – an impossible mission? Teaching Grammar is not an impossible mission. I have been an English teacher for over 40 years and I would like to share my experience and teaching approach with teachers and students who may or may not be familiar with the books I have published and the l ... Read more