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Category: Teaching Articles
Here are some fun activities for using videos with the sound turned off.Remember the old adage: a picture tells a thousand words. Well, a quick and simple way to use YouTube clips with your learners is to turn the sound off and focus on the images. This means that your learners create the audio! The ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
I would like to share with you a listening activity for small groups. It is my interpretation of ‘Catching The Right Train’ which was an activity I learnt from a course. I hope you will like it and your students will have lots of fun. It is an activity which provides a lot of language you can hear a ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
kiddZtube Academy is a free platform that allows teachers to augment YouTube videos with pop-up educational questions, creating video-quizzes that teach spelling, counting, colors and more.Any YouTube video can be picked - including all of kids favorites - and the teacher simply adds in the pop ques ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials ... Read more
Category: Forum
Hi all,Here I am conducting a mini research project and would kindly request your assistance to accomplish this task.I have attached an online questionnaire which should not take more than 5-10min of your precious time to complete.It aims to identify the attitudes of non-native English language teac ... Read more
Category: Forum
Dear Colleagues, I am a PhD candidate and conducting a research on teachers' and students' beliefs about speaking anxiety in EFL classrooms, where the perspectives of both sides will be compared. I would really appreciate it if you could support me by participating in this research. Please note th ... Read more
Category: Forum
Richard Fielden-WatkinsonTeaching is a timeless profession; the Greeks were doing it, Jesus was apt, and even Einstein wanted a piece of the action, and it’s difficult to see at first what has fundamentally changed in the way we teach since Plato was expounding his theory of Forms. But Plato didn’t ... Read more
Present Simple Song
Posted by Dina - 16 Nov. 2017
Category: Classroom Materials
Many ESL students find it difficult to remember grammar rules. I summarized the basic rules of Present Simple to the melody of "nosa nosa". If you learn the song by heart you can actually sing it to yourself while writing sentences, remember the rules and use them. The song also contains examples of ... Read more
  • Dina Here's a link for the song on YouTube:
Category: Teaching Articles
Have you just completed your degree and are looking to find a teaching job? Are you a seasoned teacher who is looking for an exciting new challenge? Or are you a professional outside of the education industry who is looking to make a career switch to a teaching position?Then you must watch this play ... Read more
How to start a teaching blog
Posted by Ben - 14 Nov. 2017
Category: Teaching Articles
We've been writing our teaching blog for nearly a year now, check us out here, and it has been a roller coaster experience. We've had positive feedback, negative feedback and met and spoken to some really interesting people. We wouldn't change our experience as we found it quite cathartic, whilst li ... Read more
Videos for English learners
Posted by Michael - 14 Nov. 2017
Category: Classroom Materials
Hi. This Youtube video teaches how to describe people's appearance and personality. There is a homework assignment at the end. If your students complete the homework assignment in the comments, I will reply and correct any mistakes. ... Read more
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Category: Classroom Materials
If you would like innovative and creative ideas to inspire discussion, design and creativity in the classroom, please feel free to follow/like my Facebook page: Active Reading and Learning 'Soon' I hope to have the website up and running to provide free resources fo ... Read more
Posted by Rena - 11 Nov. 2017
Category: Forum
I would like your help! I am a master student and I have created an online questionnaire addressed to English teachers in UK, Spain & Italy. If you can spare 10-15 minutes of your precious time, please help by filling it out. The questionnaire explores the views of English teachers concerning ... Read more
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VoCards Vocabulary Practice Game
Posted by Ahmad - 11 Nov. 2017
Category: Classroom Materials
VoCards are designed by language teachers for language teachers. The cards bring unlimited fun to the classroom while learning/introducing/reviewing the vocabulary of a unit/course.What is meant by 4 levels?From our experience, some learners can express more than others. Thus, if you have a weak cla ... Read more
Creative Storytelling
Posted by Erika - 10 Nov. 2017
Category: Classroom Materials
Picture description can be rather boring after some time and it occurred to me that usually, the pictures are not very creative. I came up with an idea how to spice it up a bit. The pictures in this activity are unusual, imaginative and I hope they will spark some entertaining stories. I recommen ... Read more
Category: Teaching Articles
Oxford Grammar exercise for intermediate level. Using the Present Perfect ... Read more
Grammar Lesson
Posted by Pasos - 09 Nov. 2017
Category: Teaching Articles
Oxford Grammar lesson Using Verbs ... Read more
  • Pasos More free teaching material available on Please register
Category: Classroom Materials
This activity can be done in class and the students can work together and read the 3 comments about the people. It incorporates Money vocabulary and also gets the students to use conditionals and modals to convey meaning.Enjoy it and Happy teaching! ... Read more
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The DoS Within
Posted by RICHARD - 06 Nov. 2017
Category: Forum
This blog post looks at the Director of Studies role, what it's about, who is suited to it, and how it could be a great way for a teacher to gain a new perspective of the school he or she works in. It is commonly claimed that teachers are born; not made, but can the same be said of a Director of St ... Read more
Posted by Night Zookeeper - 03 Nov. 2017
Category: Classroom Materials
Night Zookeeper is a fun educational website focused on reading and writing improvement for students aged 5-14. It is used by over 2,000 schools and homeschools around the world, and has proven to have had a real impact on reluctant writers. It connects classes around the world so they communicate ... Read more