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Category: Classroom Materials This is  a useful activity for new arrivals who are at the initial stage of acquiring English as it is a purposeful relaxing time out activity which can be successfully completed without having to understand Engl ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials resource is very helpful to newly arrived students who are at the early stage of acquiring English and also useful for native English speakers who are not yet secure with the comprehension of some mathematical t ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials you have students with very little English or no English, this is what you need. Students will be able to achieve success and build confidence from day one, and consequently reduce stres ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
A catchy and educational song about physical appearance. Teach describing people easily. ... Read more
Technology for Young Children
Posted by EALEE - 30 Apr. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials technology resource could be just what you are looking for if you are teaching technology to young children. Due to popular request, the resource includes technology worksheets, activities and games designed for us ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
What's your morning routine? There are a lot of common phrasal verbs that we use in the morning. Learn them in context from this YouTube video: Morning Phrasal Verbs ... Read more
Getting Past the B2 Plateau
Posted by RICHARD - 29 Apr. 2018
Category: Teaching Articles
‘Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it’ -- Dwight D. Eisenhower Motivation can overcome almost all obstacles. It can overcome weaknesses in natural ability or deficiencies in the learning environment, while in contrast a lack of motivation ... Read more
Animal Bingo for ESL / EAL / ELL
Posted by EALEE - 24 Apr. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials is a fun way for your students to expand their English vocabulary of living creatures and improve reading. Animal Bingo has twenty base boards. Each board is different so there will always only be one winner. Ten of ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials / EAL / ELL Writing Sentences About Family allows students to have the satisfaction of completing sentences and writing whole sentences in English while learning and practising the use of the vocabulary ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials / EAL / EFL / ELD/ ELL printable / photocopiable booklet contains worksheets and games designed for students at the Emergent Stage of acquiring English, although it could also be use ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials your students needing to expand their vocabulary in a variety of ways? This bumper pack is suitable for use with initial / emergent students and provides a valuable source of varied and engag ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
"Used to" is an easy way to describe in English something that happened in the past over and over again - the habitual past. "Get used to" is another way to say you are accustomed to something. Listen to Connie Sargent, American English teacher, as she uses slow english to explain the difference bet ... Read more
Writing Sentences
Posted by EALEE - 13 Apr. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials children will enjoy the feeling of achievement when they succeed in writing a sentence. The sentences are about animals and what some like to eat. Writing Sentences provides picture and word matching cards of animals and words ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
We are a new YouTube channel that make educational videos for kids. Teaching and learning English is now more entertaining. All of our songs are original. Check out our latest song called "Weather Song" here: can support us by subscribing to our channel ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials is a web site that you can find English document in preview. You can download and use materials in your classes. I hope you like the materials.  ... Read more
Summer Colour Coded Sight Words
Posted by EALEE - 05 Apr. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials is a fun purposeful colouring activity for improving visual discrimination, fine motor skills and word recognition. The end results are colourful Summer related pictures. Words are used as a code to colouring.    ... Read more
Category: Forum
"Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) is rated as the best evidence-based, classroom-proven writing method helping all level of K-12 and college entry students excel at writing and learning. Writing To Learn ™ is our renowned online SRSD teacher training course with mentor support."https://www ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials you have students with a range of abilities in your class? This is a purposeful activity that could be used for teaching the names of colours, clothing and some body parts. The worksheets could b ... Read more
Opposites Matching Cards
Posted by EALEE - 26 Mar. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials resource ... Read more
Online Tutor
Posted by Veerasha - 25 Mar. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials
My name is Veerasha.I am an online English tutor.I have been tutoring Adults and juniors for the past year.Tutoring adults and children is a great experience.I am currently looking for an opportunity to tutor from home on a part time basis. I have excellent interaction with the students and I believ ... Read more
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