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Passive Voice in English
Posted by Connie - 11 Jun. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials
Part 1 of this video shows you how to identify and form the passive voice with a past participle, and also how it is different from using a past participle as an adjective. Part 2 of this video gives you a chance to practice fixing passive voice sentences to make them active.  Listen to native Engli ... Read more
CVC Bingo and Dominoes
Posted by EALEE - 09 Jun. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials you looking for a new fun way for your students to learn/ consolidate CVC words? Playing Bingo, Dominoes and using the word and picture matching cards could be just what you need. By using these games students have many op ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
See the free materials below Package 1Package 2 ... Read more
Card Games for young learners
Posted by Kürşat - 06 Jun. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials
Hello teachers!You can see Card Games for teaching English to young learnersYou can subscribe to the channel for more videos.Enjoy them in your classes.. Best regards, Kursat ... Read more
CVC Words and Pictures Puzzles
Posted by EALEE - 02 Jun. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials words and Pictures Puzzles (FREE RESOURCE)The words are in five sets organised by the middle vowel. The sets can be used in a variety of ways by individuals, pairs of students or in a group. The puzzles can be c ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
Want your students to love writing? Need a new friend? This new, plain language, 35-page booklet will improve their writing by transforming their perception of the task.. and boost their enjoyment of the process. An Essay Is My Friend: Strategy & Positive Thinking For Successful Essay Writing ... Read more
Category: Teaching Articles
Teaching the Cycle of the Past – Practical Tips מאת לאה קירשנברג, תאריך 27 במאי 2018 We have already dealt with the Cycle of the Present and we are now moving to the Cycle of the Past. I will deal with the Cycle of the Past in this article, explain the rationale of my approach and present a less ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
Use hand made theatres to teach WH questions for beginners. ... Read more
Motivation in teaching
Posted by Faithful - 22 May. 2018
Category: Teaching Articles
Hello,teaching a foreign language is not that easy since learners can't understand what the teacher is saying.So,many learners feel bored and they tend to make noise instead of trying to learn step by step.    Here comes the role of the teacher who is supposed to catch learners attention .These are ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials printable booklet will be useful for students who are beginning to write simple sentences. Writing answers to the simple questions in sentences will help with word order and sentence ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials dominoes game involves reading animal names and identifying the appropriate animal. The pictures and words matching activity is an additional resource for students to learn / ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials This is  a useful activity for new arrivals who are at the initial stage of acquiring English as it is a purposeful relaxing time out activity which can be successfully completed without having to understand Engl ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials resource is very helpful to newly arrived students who are at the early stage of acquiring English and also useful for native English speakers who are not yet secure with the comprehension of some mathematical t ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials you have students with very little English or no English, this is what you need. Students will be able to achieve success and build confidence from day one, and consequently reduce stres ... Read more
Weather around the world for ESL
Posted by Rosa - 04 May. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials 95 countries flashcards for speaking activities.  ... Read more
  • MD. ZAHIRUL Mr. Amin please help me. I am very interested to teach abroad. my email & skype id is:
  • Rosa Hi Amin, Sorry but I am not teaching abroad right now!
Category: Classroom Materials
A catchy and educational song about physical appearance. Teach describing people easily. ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
Farm Theme  flashcards for speaking activities, lot of cutouts, green letters for spelling and headband cards for speaking games,an interactive book for reading.As seen on my ... Read more
Technology for Young Children
Posted by EALEE - 30 Apr. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials technology resource could be just what you are looking for if you are teaching technology to young children. Due to popular request, the resource includes technology worksheets, activities and games designed for us ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
What's your morning routine? There are a lot of common phrasal verbs that we use in the morning. Learn them in context from this YouTube video: Morning Phrasal Verbs ... Read more