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Online Tutor
Posted by Veerasha - 25 Mar. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials
My name is Veerasha.I am an online English tutor.I have been tutoring Adults and juniors for the past year.Tutoring adults and children is a great experience.I am currently looking for an opportunity to tutor from home on a part time basis. I have excellent interaction with the students and I believ ... Read more
  • andru HI pls keep in touch through my Email and send me your CV for an skype interview as we are booking teachers for our online school . Thank you
  • Muhammad i want to be ur student, please contact me on my email id,
Parts of Speech Coded
Posted by EALEE - 24 Mar. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials ‘Parts of Speech Colour Coded’ resource makes learning and reviewing parts of speech an enjoyable and relaxing activity. It can also increase vocabulary and raise awareness to the fact that some words can serve different p ... Read more
Teaching Tenses
Posted by Dr. Lea... - 22 Mar. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials
Please visit my read my latest article. on Teaching Tenses!!!חג שמחלאה ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials  Your students will enjoy practising mental arithmetic when completing the colour coded worksheets. Addition and subtraction calculations are used for identifying the colours to be used. The workshee ... Read more
Spring Colour Coded Computation
Posted by EALEE - 16 Mar. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials resource is particularly good for students who are new to English. Newly arrived English as an Additional Language students are often good at computation if they have been educated in their home countries. These ... Read more
Word Order for EAL / ESL / ELL
Posted by EALEE - 13 Mar. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials your students needing to improve their English word order? These worksheets and follow up activity will help with both written and spoken sentence construction.    The 17 worksheets provide illustrations with words pro ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials this resource will help students with reading, spelling, pronunciation and possibly increase English vocabulary. Often resources for doing phonic work have words without pictures. Thi ... Read more
Body Parts
Posted by EALEE - 06 Mar. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials body parts resource provides a variety of fun ways to teach and reinforce body parts vocabulary using the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. The Read and Say page at the beginning ca ... Read more
Category: Teaching Articles
It's one thing to learn how to identify relative clauses; it's another thing to learn how to form them.  Even if your students know what relative clauses are, they might be at a loss when they need to use them.This video goes through 4 steps of taking two clauses and putting them into a complex sent ... Read more
House Vocabulary Game
Posted by EALEE - 04 Mar. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials type of House Vocabulary Game is a particular favourite with both native English speakers and students learning English. In my experience, young students become very keen and enthusiastic about being the first to complete ... Read more
Teaching Prepositions
Posted by Dr. Lea... - 04 Mar. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials
Teaching Prepositions is probably one of the most complicated and frustrating topics.The following article includes a short summary of the main principles guiding my approach to teaching Grammar. This is followed by an excellent text that can be used to teach or rather review Prepositions for reinfo ... Read more
  • Dr. Lea... I hope you enjoy my article. The links attached to the article may also be helpful.
  • Nnolga prepositions is my best part in english teaching. i am interested in this
Category: Classroom Materials resource provides an easy way for students to extend their English vocabulary. Students only have to identify the image from the provided list and write the appropriate numbers in the corresponding circles. The wo ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials ARE PROVIDED ... Read more
Identify the House Items
Posted by EALEE - 26 Feb. 2018
Category: Classroom Materials resource is for identifying pictures of items that you might find in a home. The worksheets are easily completed by inserting a number in the appropriate circle. This kind of ‘set up’ is particul ... Read more
Category: Forum
Hi, I'm inviting you to like this Page because Reading is the best MEDICINE to learn any language. is FREE Online Library for English teachers & learners to improve English language skills through reading & audio listening! TEACHING RESOURCE - Read Listen Lea ... Read more
Category: Teaching Articles
High School students and Adults may need a different approach as far as teaching Grammar is concerned. Our target Population As I have often said, before we choose the teaching method, we have to consider our target population. Ten-year-olds may not be interested in abstract rules, but high school ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials
THEME: And suddenly it went dark. Includes a Powerpoint presentation + word files of all resources. 3 model stories are included as exemplar texts which are all written following the same structure and style. The children analyse these texts and then write their own creative story in the same style ... Read more
  • Kabir Uddin We must thank all the honorable personalities for their noble jobs. I need the above study resources as I teach those level of students. I hope all kinds assistance we will be provided in this regard. Wishing a nice success of this work
Category: Classroom Materials
For students who are learning English beginning to write sentences can be challenging due to spelling, word order, use of articles and unknown vocabulary.’ Writing Simple Sentences to Answer Questions’ is a helpful resource for the introduction to writing simple sentences. The visual support aids co ... Read more
Category: Classroom Materials  This workbook provides a useful activity for new arrivals at the Initial Stage of learning English. By using this workbook, new arrivals can show some of their knowledge about t ... Read more
Category: Teaching Articles
Teaching adults comes with its own unique differences, goals and joys. Being able to relate to your students on a personal level is fantastic and helps you understand their motivations, ambitions and targets. Generally speaking, adu ... Read more