Pack of 5 vocabulary building booklets for Initial learners
Posted by EALEE - 12 May. 2018 - Classroom Materials

If you have students with very little English or no English, this is what you need. Students will be able to achieve success and build confidence from day one, and consequently reduce stress. The reference sheets at the beginning of each section have photographs with names written underneath. This enables easy identification of items and can be referred to when vocabulary has been forgotten. Once the vocabulary has been introduced, students can work independently. Students who have little or no Education in their home language should also be able to achieve success. This printable pack of 5 booklets is also excellent value for money.

The worksheets and games are suitable for use with beginners age 8 to adult. Some of the games could be used with younger students.  .The worksheets help to develop reading and writing skills and the games provide opportunities for developing listening and speaking skills plus integration with their peers. 

The games have been designed to reinforce the introduced targeted vocabulary. 

Vocabulary Bk 1 - pencil, rubber, pen, pencil case, ruler, book, table, bag, sharpener, scissors, glue stick.  toilet, jotter/notebook, lunch box, water bottle, window, door, bin, sink, cupboard, desk, felt tips, crayon.  television, computer, clock, paint, paint brush, stapler, white board, black board, chalk, smart board, sand shoes, shorts 

Vocabulary Bk 2 - red, blue, yellow, purple, green, orange, black, white, brown, grey and pink. There is also revision of some of the vocabulary introduced in Bk 1 and some sentence completion pages. 

Vocabulary Bk 3 - 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 There are also some addition and subtraction sums using words and numbers. 

Vocabulary Bk 4 - shirt, trousers, skirt, tie, shoes, sand shoes, sweatshirt, T shirt, polo shirt, shorts, jacket, socks  jacket, cardigan, hat, gloves, scarf, wellingtons, coat, dress, pinafore. 

Vocabulary Bk 5 -water, sandwich, biscuit, milk, grapes, orange, apple, yogurt, banana, sushi, samosa, crisps  coffee, tea, roll, rice, pasta, potatoes, meat, fish, chips, bread, sausage roll, noodles 

The reference sheets are at the beginning of each section.  Games and activities included in the booklets include, cut and stick, snap, words for matching with pictures, crosswords, word searches, bingo, dominoes - match pictures with pictures, dominoes - match pictures with words.  Contents and Record of Work pages are also included.  The set of 5 booklets is suitable for use with isolated learners and classes of beginners, including EFL students.

Primary school (ages 5-10), Middle school (ages 11-14), High school (ages 15-18), Adult (18+),
Printable worksheet, Game, Group activity, Individual activity,

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