ESL / EAL / ELL / ELD/ EFL / BOOM English Clothes 2 Vocabulary
Posted by EALEE - 17 Feb. 2020 - Classroom Materials

The 24 Clothes Vocabulary BOOM task cards provide a fun, interactive, vocabulary building activity for ESL, EAL, ELL, EFL, ELD students who are initial learners of English. Some younger native English speakers and students with special needs might also benefit from using this resource. When an image is clicked the target word is heard, this helps with reading and pronunciation. Identifying, then clicking on the appropriate name of the item of clothing helps to develop English vocabulary. Students get instant feedback because the resource is self-correcting. When the correct image is clicked, a green circle comes up and if the wrong image is clicked, this is indicated by a red circle with a line across. When the student clicks on the correct picture of clothing, the next task card appears automatically.

This is particularly useful for initial learners who are new arrivals to mainstream schools because listening to a foreign language is a stressful experience. This resource provides a purposeful activity enabling students to work independently and enjoy a relaxing break away from classwork. It is easy to use, so very little explanation is required.

Primary school (ages 5-10), Middle school (ages 11-14),
Individual activity,

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