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EAL / ESL / EFL / ELL / ELD Worksheets and Games for Initial Learners Clothes Vocabulary is suitable for use with students from age 8 to adult. The resource could be suitable for use with a group of new arrivals who have a wide age range and who are beginning to learn English. The word and picture matching activities could be particularly useful for students who have had little education in their first language and perhaps might not be literate in their first language. The look and say pages can be used for reference so that students are able to successfully complete the worksheets. Some games could be used with students who are younger than 8 years. Consolidation of new vocabulary is possible by using a range of different worksheets and games. By using this resource, Initial Learners should be able to achieve success and build confidence in the early days of acquiring English.

The skills developed by using the worksheets are reading and writing. Games provide opportunities for the development of speaking and listening.

These kinds of activities have been found to be very useful for new arrivals, particularly if he / she is an isolated learner because by using the reference sheet, work can be completed independently and success in using a new language can be achieved. The worksheets and games are also suitable for classes of beginners including EFL students and native English speakers.

The vocabulary is introduced in three sections:-

Clothes (set 1)

blouse, cardigan, coat, dress, trousers, pants, shirt, socks, jumper, T shirt, bra, boxer shorts, cap, hat, down jacket

Clothes (set 2)

shorts, swimsuit, bomber jacket, tie, mitts, bikini, skirt jeans, beanie hat, braces, apron, dressing gown , tights, suit, dungarees

Clothes (set 3)

bath robe, scarf, Bermuda shorts, blazer, bow tie, gloves, hoodie, leggings ,mini skirt, belt raincoat, sun hat, polo shirt, pyjamas, vest

There is a read and say reference page, at the beginning of each section. These reference pages enable students to complete worksheets by themselves. Games/ activities also include flash card, picture and word matching dominoes and 30 bingo boards with call out cards. It is recommended that that the game pieces should be either laminated or printed on card for durability. Crosswords and word searches are also included. Some examples can be seen in the preview

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Primary school (ages 5-10), Middle school (ages 11-14), High school (ages 15-18), Adult (18+),
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