ESL /EAL / ELL BOOM School Vocabulary Task Cards
Posted by EALEE - 09 Feb. 2020 - Classroom Materials

BOOM School Vocabulary is a very useful relaxing activity for students who are at the initial stage of acquiring English. Students look at the pictures, read the choice of words and click on the appropriate word. Incorrect answers are shown with a red circle with a line across it and the correct answers have a green circle. The next picture appears when the correct answer is clicked.

New arrivals who are new to English can find being in class listening to a foreign language a very stressful experience. Boom School Vocabulary provides an opportunity for students to have a relaxing time out where he/ she can achieve success and work at his/ her own pace. This resource helps with teaching the vocabulary of classroom items.

There are 36 task cards using the following vocabulary - pen, pencil case, pen, ruler, book, table, bag, sharpener, scissors, glue stick, chair, eraser, toilet, notebook, lunch box, water bottle, window, door, bin sink cupboard, felt tips, crayon, television, clock, paint, paintbrush, stapler, whiteboard, blackboard, chalk, smartboard, sandshoe, shorts, desk

As with all resources, designed for use with ESL /EAL / ELL students, native English speakers could also benefit from the use of this product.

Young learners (ages 1-4), Primary school (ages 5-10),
Individual activity,

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