Accountable Talk Bundle
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Accountable Talk BUNDLE by Queen's Educational Resources on Teachers Pay Teachers

Excellent for ALL grade levels and subject areas!

This bundle contains meaningful Accountable Talk tools to promote student collaborative talk in the classroom! These tools encourage academic, productive, active, and respectful conversations between students. These materials will provide them with varied opportunities to practice, apply, and build "new" language proficiency. These tools will also enhance their listening and speaking skills and increase rigor in the classroom!

This Product Bundle Includes:

- 13 Accountable Talk Posters

- 65 Rectangular Accountable Talk Stem Strips for EACH category

(13 categories X 5 sentence strips = 65 Rectangular Stem Strips in Total!)

- 10 Reading/Discussion Starter Bookmarks

- 1 Accountable Talk Desk Tag

- 1 Accountable Talk Sentence Starter Sheet

- 1 Discussion Note-Catcher Graphic Organizer

- 1 Peer Evaluation Accountable Talk Discussion Rubric

- 3 Accountable Talk Reflection Sheets


13 Accountable Talk Posters

These Accountable Talk Posters feature the following Accountable Talk categories: 1) Invite Others to Discuss, 2) Introduce Evidence, 3) Summarize, 4) Disagree, 

5) Agree, 6) Comment, 7) Build On, 8) Clarify, 9) Predict, 10) Infer, 11) Question, 12) Visualize, 13) Make A Connection

All 13 posters are colorful, contain an image that reflects the Accountable Talk category and appropriate sentence stem starters that can be posted anywhere in the room where students can see and refer to during discussions. You can print them out on gloss paper and laminate for optimal quality.

65 Rectangular Accountable Talk Stem Strips (5 for each of the 13 categories)

There are 5 rectangular Accountable Talk Stem Strips for EACH category. That’s 65 different Rectangular Stem Strips in total! These rectangular Accountable Talk Stem Strips provide students with access to five different option speech starters for each category. One great idea is to provide students with these rectangular stems and have them write their names on the back. During discussion, every time a student introduces/expresses their ideas using the sentence starter on the Accountable Talk Rectangular Stem Strip, they hand that stem strip to you. At the end of class, you will be able to see and take note of how many times each student used the stem starter during discussion when presenting ideas. (All you have to do is look at their names in the back). It's an AMAZING way to keep track of who’s using Accountable Talk during discussion and who isn’t, then provide intervention to ensure that students are using them. After making note of who used what stem and how many times, you can return their Accountable Talk Rectangular Stem Strips back to them to put away until the next discussion. Students will also see that they are being held accountable for engaging in productive classroom talk using academic language!

10 Reading/Discussion Starter Bookmarks

Ten attractive reading strategy bookmarks that students can use when they read or engage in classroom talk. Each bookmark includes sentence stems consistent with the following reading strategy categories:

1) Determining Importance, 2) Making Inferences, 3) Questioning, 4) Evaluating, 5) Predicting 6) Summarizing, 7) Visualizing, 8) Text-to-Self Connections, 9) Text-to-Text Connections, 10) Text-to-World Connections. Students can use these bookmark tools as a reference to stimulate their thinking, increase comprehension, engage in discussion, and actively engage in reading. These bookmarks can be used for any text or discussion and in any grade. You can print on gloss or photo paper and laminate for optimal quality!

1 Accountable Talk Desk Tag

The Desk Tags are Accountable Talk “mini posters” that can be printed and nicely taped to the corner of students' desk so they can reference them all year long! They can refer to these tags for every activity, written and oral!

1 Accountable Talk Sentence Starter Sheet

The Accountable Talk Sentence Starter Sheet includes discussion stems for 8 Accountable Talk categories: Agreeing, Disagreeing, Using Evidence, Adding On, Clarifying, Questioning, Predicting, and Inferring. Students can keep these sheets in their folders and have access to them where ever they go, especially at home. They can use these discussion starters in their writing and homework assignments as well!

1 Discussion Note-Catcher Graphic Organizer

The Discussion Note-Catcher Graphic Organizer ensures that students are active listeners while taking note of important ideas they hear. They can always refer back to their notes when it's time to complete written assignments. This graphic organizer holds students accountable for listening and speaking.

1 Peer Evaluation Accountable Talk Discussion Rubric

The Peer Evaluation Accountable Talk Discussion Rubric is meant for students to use and asses each other during Class Talk. Before beginning a discussion or debate, give each student a Peer Evaluation Rubric with another student’s name on it. (You can decide who will asses who, or you can just randomly write the names on Rubrics). Ask students to “secretly” observe and assess that student’s participation during the class discussion or debate. Students should not know who is assessing who so that evaluations of participation are fair. Throughout the discussion or debate, students will take meaningful notes of their classmates’ performances. At the end of the discussion or debate, give them 5 minutes to score the student whose name is on their Peer Evaluation Rubric. Finally, students can go up to the person they were observing and hand them the rubric. At the very end, the teacher collects the rubrics for review. This has worked so well for me! Students were always “on their toes." Students found it so exciting to be observed by classmates and also observe others.

3 Accountable Talk Reflection Sheets

Students' reflection of classroom talk helps them identify areas and skills that need both improvement and enrichment. These reflection sheets encourage students to reflect about their experiences during collaborative talk and develop an appreciation for particular skills involved. These reflection sheets are student-friendly making it feasible for students of all levels to think and write about their overall participation in a collaborative learning environment. Reflection sheets contain images, sentence starters, and questions to really help students think about their learning. They are especially student-friendly for SPED and ELL students!

Beginner, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate, Advanced,
Primary school (ages 5-10), Middle school (ages 11-14), High school (ages 15-18),
General English,
Printable worksheet,

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