Communication Cards
Posted by Kathy - 08 Oct. 2018 - Classroom Materials

Communication Cards by Queen's Educational Resources on Teachers Pay Teachers

Total of 76 communication cards (17 pages)

These communication cards are excellent tools to help your ELL students learn and engage in basic communication with their teachers and peers. Students can be paired to help them practice these forms of basic dialogue. These cards can improve speech and language skills, communication skills, and social interaction with other students. The communication cards are all accompanied with visuals to help students remember the words, sentences, and ideas.

You can:

- Cut them out and put them on a ring

- Laminate and then cut them out for optimal quality

- Post them on the bulletin board or around the classroom

- Permit students to keep them in their desk and get them out when they need them

This set includes: 6 different versions totaling 76 communication cards!

- 12 “Asking for Assistance” communication cards that begin with “Can you . . .”

- 12 “Asking for Permission” communication cards that begin with “Can you . . .”

- 16 “Places to Go” communication cards that begin with “I want to go to . . . to . . . ”

- 16 Sentence Starters Communication Cards that begin with “I want to go to . . .(given place) to . . . (students finish the sentence).

- 16 “Emotion/Feelings“ communication cards. There are a total of 32 different emotions for this set. Each card has a feeling/emotion side by side with the opposite feeling/emotion (accompanied by pictures for each). Example: cheerful/angry, energetic/tired, etc.

- 4 Seasons cards

Beginner, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate,
Young learners (ages 1-4), Primary school (ages 5-10), Middle school (ages 11-14), High school (ages 15-18),
General English, Grammar, TOEFL, IELTS,
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