CVC Bingo and Dominoes
Posted by EALEE - 09 Jun. 2018 - Classroom Materials

Are you looking for a new fun way for your students to learn/ consolidate CVC words? Playing Bingo, Dominoes and using the word and picture matching cards could be just what you need. By using these games students have many opportunities to read the CVC words and identify the items.

The initial activity could be matching the picture and word cards, so that the students have practice in reading the words and become familiar with the vocabulary used in the two games. This activity is particularly helpful to students who are new to English, especially if it is done as a paired activity with a native English speaker.

There are twelve different Bingo boards so there will always be just one winner. If this is used as a pair work activity twenty four children could take part at the same time, or boards could be given to a small group of students.

The Bingo game can be played in two ways by using either the picture cards or the word cards as call out cards. There are enough cards for students to take the card and place it on the appropriate picture on his/ her board. The fist student to recognise the word or picture is given the card.

The dominoes game, which is made up of forty dominoes, has been produced with the same vocabulary as used in the Bingo game. The dominoes game involves reading the CVC words and matching with the appropriate picture.

Beginner, Pre-intermediate,
Young learners (ages 1-4), Primary school (ages 5-10),
General English, TOEFL,

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