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Group Work Materials by Queen's Educational Resources on Teachers Pay Teachers

Engaging in group work activities expedites learning when students are productive and cooperative. This product contains materials that will help students be productive during group work and take ownership of the task/assignment/project.

Group Role Necklace Tags

This product includes six Group Role Necklace Tags: Leader, Collector, Recorder, Speaker, Timekeeper, and Errand Monitor. (Also included is a "Student Tutor" Necklace Tag.) These Group Role Necklace Tags are great for group activities as they remind each student of what their role is during cooperative learning. Each page displays four tags for each role. Each necklace tag displays a picture accompanied by their description of the role on the front of the label. This product encourages group members to hold each other accountable for contributing and completing work. Students are held accountable by group members to fulfill their group roles. The Necklace Tags can be placed necklace straps so students can wear around their necks. The tags can be printed on gloss paper or laminated for optimal quality.


This product includes two rubrics to evaluate students' group work performances and overall productivity during group work assignments/tasks.

Group work Reflection Sheets

This product includes four different Group work Reflection Sheets to encourage students to reflect about their experiences during collaborative learning activities.

Group Member Name List

This product includes one Group Member Name List where students in the same group write their names. The teacher can collect this list to take notes and provide feedback. The list also helps teachers keep track of who is part of whose group.

This product includes:

- 6 Group Role Necklace Tags:

Leader Role Necklace Tag

Recorder Role Necklace Tag

Collector Role Necklace Tag

Errand Monitor Role Necklace Tag

Timekeeper Role Necklace Tag

Speaker Role Necklace Tag

- 2 different Group Work Rubrics

- 4 Groupwork Reflection Sheets

- Student Tutor Necklace Tag

- "Group Members" Name List (with a section on the bottom to include teacher's

comments and feedback)

Suggestion: Print necklace tags out on gloss or photocopy paper for optimal quality or you can simply laminate the tags / Display group roles on charts.

Beginner, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate, Advanced,
Young learners (ages 1-4), Primary school (ages 5-10), Middle school (ages 11-14), High school (ages 15-18),
General English,
Group activity,

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