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Using this resource will help students with reading, spelling, pronunciation and possibly increase English vocabulary. Often resources for doing phonic work have words without pictures. This is not ideal for students who are learning English. All the words used in this resource have visual support, so that learning the sounds of a combination of two letters is incorporated with learning additional English vocabulary. As with most of my resources, reference pages are included so that students can successfully complete worksheets, play games and take part in activities. This enables students to work independently at times and builds confidence in using the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. When playing the dominoes game, naming the items and reading the words, as cards are placed on the table, helps with the retention of new vocabulary. This resource is printable. Laminating games is recommended.  The same vocabulary (listed below the contents) is used in the different tasks to reinforce the targeted vocabulary.  


Pictures with Words Reference Pages

  Dominoes Game  

Bingo Base Cards (12 cards) (Words from the picture and word matching set can be used as callout cards)

  Picture and Word matching cards  

Circle the Word for each Picture ee, oo, sh, ch, th wh, ph, ow

  5 Crosswords

  Rearrange the letters to make words   5 Word Searches  

Word Searches Solutions

  Complete the words with ee or oo  

Complete the words with ch, sh or th  

Complete the words with wh, ph or ow

  Write the names under the pictures  

Sound Flash Cards  

Word Flash Cards with highlighted targeted sounds  

Word Flash Cards – letters all black   Answers for Circle the Word for each Picture   Write the Words under the Pictures

  I have…. Who has…? Game  

  The following sounds and words are used.

  ee  bee, tree, heel ,feet, reel, teeth, green, queen, leek 

oo  spoon, book, wood, stool, foot, moon, hook, book, roof, 

sh  shell, sheep, shed, shelf, shop, shoe, brush, fish, ship 

ch  chips, chest, child, cheese, church, witch, torch, hutch, chick 

th  thread, thrush, three, throne, path, cloth, thistle, bath, thumb 

wh  whisk, whale, white 

ph  phone, dolphin, elephant 

ow  cow, flower, clown

Pre-intermediate, Intermediate,
Primary school (ages 5-10), Middle school (ages 11-14),
Printable worksheet, Game,

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