Writing Simple Sentences for ESL / EAL / ELL
Posted by EALEE - 17 Feb. 2018 - Classroom Materials

For students who are learning English beginning to write sentences can be challenging due to spelling, word order, use of articles and unknown vocabulary.’ Writing Simple Sentences to Answer Questions’ is a helpful resource for the introduction to writing simple sentences. The visual support aids comprehension, the questions provide the spelling of some words to be used in the answers and there is a choice of 3 words for completion of the sentences.     There are 20 worksheets and an optional front cover if a booklet is being produced. There are 4 questions on each page so there are a total of 80 questions altogether. The layout on each worksheet is the same, so once introduced, only a little explanation will be needed before students complete the following worksheets.  Emphasizing that the answers should be written in sentences will ensure that students benefit fully from the experience. However, as a means of differentiation, for less advanced students, one word answers could be accepted.    This resource is also very suitable for use with younger native English speakers who are beginning to write sentences.

Beginner, Pre-intermediate,
Primary school (ages 5-10),
Printable worksheet,

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