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Best has evolved from a single language school to a group that incorporates five language-training centers, five kindergartens, three primary schools, one junior high school, and one high school. Best continues to expand at a rate on par with the rapid growth of the city of Zhengzhou, evolving into a cultural and educational organization that spans from providing quality education at all levels to encouraging cultural and creative enterprises.

We believe the success of Best is tied to its founder, Ms. Lee Wei Chi, and her unique view of education and culture. It is her strong belief that we are educating global citizens who are well equipped not only in terms of knowledge, but also in abilities. Through the education we provide, our students will be able to accept and respect cultural differences. Therefore, they have the capability to strive in an ever-changing international/global environment. This philosophy asserts that students will develop not only through rigorous academic expectations, but also through embodying the core principles of successful leaders and compassionate individuals.

At Best it is our goal to ignite students’ enthusiasm for knowledge, so each student is able to meet their personal and academic goals. We create and implement academic programs that will drive their inquisitive nature. In order to achieve this goal, students are held to high standards of academic performance and character.

At Best we are always looking for innovative and interesting ways to help our students grow with a strong sense of personality, enthusiasm and self-discipline. We have the desire, the means, and the ability to inspire our students to grow into the future leaders of China and the world.

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