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Calton Frame

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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Port Elizabeth
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South Africa
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South Africa


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Site agent / General Foreman

Cohen properties

March 2018 to September 2018

I am currently running Cohen Properties, Mt Pleasant site in total I have one foreman under me and we are supervising the construction of 2 x double storied duplexes , and 5 x Single story three bedroom, luxury townhouses using due to municipal rules 90% unskilled and semiskilled , S. M. M. E's that for the most part have no real grasp of the language let alone the engineering concept at hand , my colleagues walk around frustrated every day . I on the other hand have taken to training the teams as I would my own and come see the results ... Amazing what patience and understanding can do

Wood craft / carpentry and fundamental business skills

Gamalakhe F. E. T. Colledge

March 2005 to October 2006

I was employed for my knowledge of the trade, Cabinet making , I had experience working through the language barriers of my beloved country this made my job not only easier but more gratifying , I left teaching die to the violent strikes of that time when j was stoned and beaten enroute to the college .

I have always wanted to get back into teaching thinking back it was the most humbling and spiritually rewarding career I have ever had and asfate would have it my principal at my high school told me that my aptitude for teaching was most evident over my original course  I pray this can be my new beginning to a life I can be proud of


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