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I am a History graduate with five years of experience in technical support, including maintaining complete confidentiality of all customer information, training new hires, answering escalated calls, performing administrative duties, and supervising associates. In the technical support role, I frequently taught customers who knew very little about technology how to solve complex issues on their devices. Additionally, I have served in a teaching role within call centers, as I helped new employees learn how to perform the job. I have experience living overseas, as I spent four years in Thailand during high school and eight years in Venezuela as a child. I am fluent in Spanish, so I have an appreciation for languages. I am currently seeking to use my education and experience to get into the teaching field and motivate English learners online or in South Korea.


Uni-Prep Institute

TESOL Certificate (120 Hour)

August 2017

New Mexico State University


May 2017

TEFLEN Training College

TEFL-TESOL Certification (60 Hour)

August 2017



La Casa, Inc.

March 2017 to Current

• Promptly answered phone calls at the front desk in both Spanish and English while adhering to procedures on every phone call to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the domestic violence victim. • Took note of critical information for voice messages, correctly scheduled or rescheduled appointments for clients, and ensured accuracy in all receipts written for donations received. • Welcomed clients to the front desk, accurately answered questions about domestic violence services, processed donations efficiently, and punctually notified victim counselors of arrivals. • Efficiently organized client forms and binders using an Excel spreadsheet.

AppleCare Advisor

Volt Workforce Solutions

June 2015 to January 2017

• Quickly and accurately answered technical questions from customers over the phone and via chat while consistently achieving customer satisfaction goals measured through surveys. • Achieved proficiency in iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac OS X software and provided expert technical advice to customers. • Guided customers through data recovery, network troubleshooting, and restoring to factory settings. • Restored the relationship between Apple and irate customers by showing empathy and committing to resolve the issue. • Thoroughly logged each case and repair with detailed notes in a call logging system to facilitate future interactions. • Used interpersonal skills to find the best repair option for customers, ensured accuracy in all repair information presented to the customer, and accurately scheduled appointments for customers in the Apple Retail Store. • Passed on my expert knowledge to new hires through the mentor program, guided new hires during their first calls, used guided learning to teach new hires how to answer their questions independently, and provided personalized feedback to new associates about their calls to help them succeed as new associates on the floor.

DirecTV Tech Support/Mentor/Coach Apprentice


July 2010 to August 2013

• Resolved technical and billing issues for DirecTV customers. • Investigated customer wants, interests, and needs, recommending new products and services to meet sales goals. • Accepted new responsibilities in the mentor program, during which I correctly answered questions from associates that had complex technical issues and taught them how to find the answers independently. • Answered escalated calls from associates in training as the supervisor on duty. • Took charge of leading additional training sessions to improve new associate skills on their calls. • Accepted a promotion to coach apprentice and took responsibility of my own team of ten associates. • Supervised associates and the rest of the call center floor to ensure compliance with company standards, professionally addressed shortcomings in associate calls that I monitored and associate metrics, and the team achieved the best on site in metrics for the month of July in 2013. • Maintained functionality of the team by accurately writing corrective action reports, providing necessary documentation to HR, and processing associate requests for time-off. • Coordinated with workforce to create associate schedules, monitored associate performance in IEX in real time to ensure compliance with call metrics, and printed schedules from IEX.


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Me and my Korean fiancé.


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