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3rd Floor, 1096# Yue Min Road, Bin Jiang Area, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (310052)


Echo Education is a specialist Teacher Dispatch Centre for East China. We retain our own private training centres but also work with dozens of public schools throughout cities like Hangzhou, Suzhou and Nanjing

Teacher Dispatch Centres (TDC) are now the safest and easiest way of hiring and dispatching teachers across localised regions of China. These centres oversee the entire process. From initial contact with the applicant through to interviewing, due diligence, qualification check, full visa application, relocation, orientation, educational curriculum, welfare, training, discipline and management. TDCs are basically a streamlined and efficient method of hiring and managing foreign teachers. The day-to-day management and contractual obligations rest with the TDC rather than the designated school. 

So how does this benefit the teacher? This is an important question as TDCs are often accused of simply shortchanging a teacher on a direct contract with a school. This simply isn’t the case. Not only do schools in China no longer wish to directly hire teachers but they no longer want to be accountable for their general management, logistical welfare, renumeration or ,most importantly, the complex and time-consuming visa application. TDCs therefore offer a security which cannot be attained otherwise. There are countless stories of a school HR departments attempting to directly hire a teacher then becoming overwhelmed by the paperwork and language barriers, then simply abandoning the process. Not only do TDCs offer this peace of mind to both teacher and school but we also offer a flexibility which is invaluable. Because the teacher is under contract with a TDC and the work permit is directly attached to the TDC, a teacher is able to change locations and schools without compromising their work permit. 

The final benefit of acquiring a job through a TDC is, more often than not, public schools utilising TDCs offer very attractive working hours. On average a teacher will only teach 15 hours per week on a contract. This is considerably less compared to contracts with international training centres. TDCs offer an attention-to-detail approach with the welfare of teachers prioritised. They are fully licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Education and are subjected to regular checks and due diligence reports. Working with a TDC will give you full transparency from application to placement.  

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