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About EF

Breaking down barriers

EF has been breaking down barriers in language, culture, and geography for the past 48 years. Almost a half-century later, EF’s worldwide network has grown to over 400 schools and offices in 55 countries around the globe. EF’s 34,000 teachers and staff always strive to provide the highest-quality education experience.

World leader in international education

Since 1965, EF has continued to set standards as a pioneer in language learning and technology. We’ve published several of our own book series, developed interactive language learning labs (iLabs) and created the world’s largest online language school. Today, we are the first to incorporate iPads with our learning methodology to help students learn more, faster.

Research and innovation

EF’s has gathered the best minds from the fields of education, linguistics, and cognitive science to help set a new standard in language learning. Our research centers in Shanghai, China, Zurich, Switzerland and at Cambridge University in the U.K., share the common goal of building the world’s most advanced language learning system. And our dedicated teams of linguists, computer scientists, teachers, writers, and designers are paving the way.


With over 45 years of experience in teaching languages, EF has built up a huge bank of knowledge. With that experience, EF has developed its own teaching methodology which has been proven to be successful in schools all around the world. Our teaching approach is designed to build each student’s confidence and fluency in speaking languages naturally while emphasizing the study of the four key learning skills.

Discover how we put our experience into practice with our own methodologies, Efekta™ and EF Action Learning™.

                     EDUCATE AND INSPIRE

A Broad Spectrum

As an EF educator, you'll have access to a diverse range of career paths. From trainer and learning technologist to director of academics and researcher, your career can take you in a multitude of directions.

Results You Can See

Every day you'll see the outcomes of your work – from helping a lost student to celebrating with a new graduate. It's this fast-paced, dynamic environment that shines a light on your leadership and your results.

Support and Development

Training and feedback are central to the way we operate. You'll have access to a global network of 5,000 full-time faculties and 16,000 part-time teachers. That means a growing community of dedicated teachers are there to field questions and share ideas.

And we'll keep your toolkit up-to-date – with access to cutting-edge technology and advanced learning curricula.

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