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My nick name is Mr. G, I have called been that since I was a Inter-city High School Principal in Houston, Texas. I was born in Santa Fe New Mexico, USA and received my undergraduate degree from the University of New Mexico. The 1970s were an exciting time filled with dreams of civil rights and economic equality, my contribution was to become a Bilingual/ESL teacher. To teach poor Mexican kids to speak English was a huge step up for them economically and socially. I was then and am now very passionate about teaching English as a means of economic opportunity. I used to tell my Arab students in Abu Dhabi that Arabic was the Language of religion, Spanish the language of romance but English was the language of international business (MONEY).

I retired to the Philippines so my wife could be close to her family. Covid hit and I was stuck at home watching Netflix! I was bored and missed teaching so I plunged into the digital world on online teaching. It was a good match, flexible, part time hours and an opportunity to again effect the lives of people in a positive way. I have really enjoyed teaching online and it fits my life style.
On the personal side I have three children and three stepchildren, They are al adults and scatter across the globe, three in America, one in Dubai, one in Qatar and one in the Philippines. I live in a village about 20 miles outside of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. I have the house I built and share with my lovely wife, my dogs and tropical fish. I have my books to study and still get a few Netflix movies in once in a while. We travel a bit now that Covid restriction allow.
I look forward to teach students again!


University of New Mexico

Bachelors of Education

May 1977

Texas A&M University at PrairieView

Masters of Educational Leadership

April 2023


English Teacher (ESL)


January 1999 to April 2023

Teaching international students 8 years old to adulty to speak English. Used Company curiculun and National Geographic's curiculum, Reading Explorer


native english speaker certified bilingual/esl teacher 40 years experience as educator


native english speaker spanish speaker


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