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Jensy Ferreiras

Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

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Current city:
Santiago de los Caballeros
Current country:
Dominican Republic
Country of Citizenship:
Dominican Republic



I think I'd be a great workmate to you because I'm enthusiastic about conveying not only a new language, but also culture. I have one year of expertise working at a Salvadoran Language Academy which has its own patented teaching system, based primarily in interaction.

I come from other fields of knowledge,such as art, which helps me to convey English more easily to my students. 

I think that the most important characteristic of a teacher, more than conveying knowledge is conveying passion, curiosity and critical thinking. If one is able to keep that spark lit, then one is half way ahead!




July 2020

Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo

Undergraduate- Bachelor in arts

June 2014


Art teacher

Wascar Rodriguez Art School

April 2018 to August 2018

I formerly taught art for Children at my local city, at a small art school located at the old Fortaleza San Luis in Santiago de los Caballeros.

English Teacher

Academia Europea

June 2019 to Current

I became a freelance teacher at Academia Europea, Salvadoran language academy with more than 50 yrs teaching across South and Central America.

I currently teach basic level and prior the pandemic I taught from basic to superior leve in classroom classes.


bachelor's degree or above a master/bachelor degree in teaching english or applied linguistics/ or related degree in related field none related degrees are accepted tesol certificate english speaker native spanish speaker one year commitment bilingual english and spanish teaching experience guitar player actor


spanish native spanish speaker english english speaker


I do not have videos teaching yet. I will upload a couple soon. I posted a videoRead More


I am drawing in this picture, as I have ...


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