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Dear Sir or Madam: 

 My name is Joseph Wdowski.  I have a Masters in Education, and have done a year of graduate work in history (American and recent Chinese history.) 

I have taught online courses for Before that I taught English at Chongqing Medical University's for three years in Chongqing, China.  For nearly one year I also did a free weekly English corner for the Chongqing public Library and editing work for Chongqing First Affiliate Hospital’s Medical Journal.  

 I have always written my own lesson plans to have my students learn reasoning skills, and other subjects as they improved their English abilities. My lessons range on topics: from cultural studies, history, political science, economics, the sciences, media studies, and psychology all while still improving my students' English grammar, pronunciation, and communications skills.  

Before going to China I worked as an adjunct professor in the United States at the University of Bridgeport in Bridgeport Connecticut; where I taught Public Communications (a public speaking course for native speakers,) English Communications (an advanced English language course for non-English speakers based on my textbook,) and Cinema History & Appreciation.  

Before teaching at the University of Bridgeport I was in Michigan where I taught European History from 1500 – 1815 and the History of Invention & Technology at Macomb Community College in Warren, MI.  

From 1991 to 2000 I lived in Taipei, Taiwan. My first year in Taipei I taught English as a Second Language (ESL) at several cram schools while studying Chinese at the National Taiwan Normal University’s Mandarin Center.  

 I was then chosen out of 35 candidates to be Shih Hsin University’s first full time foreign Instructor. For the next eight years I had taught over 5,000 students at Shih Hsin University and part time at other colleges in Taipei.  

Classes I taught were: 
English Conversation I & II, 
English Business Writing, 
Intro to Western Civilization, 
Analysis and History of English Popular Music, and Media Literacy. 

All of these courses I designed myself and wrote all the lesson plans and exams. My director appointed me to edit the other Chinese and native English teachers' exam questions, due to logic and grammar problems in the other teachers’ questions. 

 My last year in Taiwan I wrote a textbook, "Straight Talk" for teaching college level ESL. It was published by Pearson Education in Taipei. My textbook was a combination of my lessons plans I had written over the years and new materials.  

I also wrote an acdemic paper on how to improve the questions for English language listening exams which was published in the JOURNAL OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES in Taipei, Taiwan.  

 Presently I am working on screenplays for the Lifetime Television Network.  

 I hope I will hear from you shortly. 

Joseph N. Wdowski, B.F.A., M.S. Ed.


UNI-Prep Institution

TESOL 120 hour course

May 2019

Taiwan Normal University

Chinese Language Studies (13 months)

September 1992

Southern Connecticut State University

Graduate Studies in History (American and Recent Chinese)

May 1991

University of Bridgeport

B.F.A. Cinema (minors in Political Science and History)

May 1985

University of Bridgeport

M.S. Education (secondary social studies)

August 1989


Five Star Tutor

September 2015 to September 2018

Taught 6 year olds to Phd.s in the People's Republic of China. With most of my students I used my own lesson plans that I have developed over twenty years of teaching English and other subjects. Lessons are topic based to stimulate conversations, so students are learning much more than only grammar, vocabulary, and sentence patterns. My style of teaching pushes understanding over memorization.

Adjunct Professor

University of Bridgeport

September 2002 to May 2006

Taught ENGL 090 English Communications. The course was designed around my textbook Straight Talk. MCOM 110 Public Communications CINH 181 Cinema Appreciation Created syllabi and lesson plans, and wrote all exams.

Adjunct Faculty III

Macomb Community College, Warren, MI

January 2001 to August 2001

Taught: The History of Invention and Technology in America European History: 1500-1815. Created syllabi, lesson plans, and wrote exams for both courses.

Full time Instructor

Shih Hsin University; Taipei, Taiwan

September 1992 to July 2000

Classes were structured to give students a practical forum to use English and learn about Western culture. Created lesson plans, wrote midterm exam, and was instrumental in writing and recording final listening exams for all of the university’s Freshmen conversation classes. Served as advisor for the University’s English club, Judge for English speech contests, English skit contests, and English reading and recital contest. Designer and sole content provider for the Language Center’s first web page. Shih Hsin University had also adopted my textbook Straight Talk, which they began using for all freshman conversation classes in Fall 2000. I worked with Intermediate Director to establish the University’s first English Department, which included determining class sizes and courses to be required for the major. Designed the English Department’s promotional brochure.


Chongqing Medical University

October 2009 to July 2012

Taught Medical Information Students and duel majors in English. The first two years I taught for the nursing college and hospital associated with the university. My first year I prepared nursing students that all passed their placement English exams to study nursing in Toronto, Canada. Making me the first teacher to have students from the nursing college of the university score high enough to study abroad in Toronto. Designed all lesson plans based on my textbook Straight Talk. Taught general English conversation, medical English, and English writing, the courses were designed to prepare the students to live and study in a North American society and University. I teach many subjects while improving the student's English; Human relationships, cultural studies, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, and more. I also taught for the Chongqing Hospital that is associated with the University. It is an English Conversation and Western culture course for primarily training doctors. Classes are also based on my textbook along with new additional materials I have created to teach medical English. Interviewed Doctors and medical staff applicants to be hired by the hospital. Redesigned hospital’s H.R. department’s application scoring sheet, Improving the new hire application process.


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