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Coming from small-town Kansas, foreign language was not something I encountered much. I took a few classes in high school but was not engaged. While enrolled in a Spanish class in college though, the opportunities, challenges, and just plain fun of learning a second language captivated me. I taught high school for a year and halfway through, abandoned the book, switching my Spanish curriculum to predominantly conversation and the results were excellent. The students were more engaged and retained the concepts being taught. I would love the opportunity to apply this type of class environment to English as a second language and further develop my skills.


Emporia State University

Spanish education

May 2018


High School Spanish Teacher

USD #365

August 2019 to August 2020

In this role, I designed and implemented lessons for Spanish classes 1-4 daily. The lessons were conversation based and the focus was on organic writing, reading, and listening. The students retained more and had much more fun learning as opposed to when I taught by the book, as I did in the first semester. I wrote and graded test that appropriately assessed comprehension and challenged the students. 


native english speaker tesl/tefl certified bilingual english and spanish teaching experience


spanish english french


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A fishing trip with my brother in Texas.


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