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Hi! My name is Ma. Teresa Hill and I’d like to begin by telling you more about myself. I graduated from the University of the Cordilleras, Philippines with a degree in Political Science. I have been an ESL/EFL teacher for more than fifteen years now.

In 2003, I started my teaching career as a private teacher to young kids. Mostly, I helped them with their homework by breaking down instructions to their level of understanding. Soon after, I have developed an interests in teaching preparatory subjects which made me better understand foreign adult students. Then in 2005, equipped with my experience as a private ESL teacher, I went on to apply in Pines International Academy. With Pines, I began as a classroom teacher, I coached Korean company executives to present better in English. I taught survival English to different nationalities who wish to travel to the US and Europe. I coached Korean and Japanese students who want to take EILTS, TOEFL, OPIC and TOEIC tests. I taught Business English and Presentation Classes to groups of university students who wish to apply in airline companies. On the side, I was also coaching Korean students online through Skype. It did not take me long to become part of the management. Pines has given me much responsibility which I am very grateful. My very first promotion was, as an Assistant Faculty head in charge of the curriculum development, hiring and training of teachers for the Jr. Dept. From then on, I was given more tasks and promotions. My last position with Pines, was as Faculty Head for both the Main Campus and the Junior Dept. Personally, I believe that, I was rewarded the most while training teachers on Accent Neutralization. I say this, because it gave me a wider perspective on the importance of sound formation in language acquisition. Somehow, I got to understand fully the IPA symbols, which plays a vital role in teaching English, especially to non-native teachers like myself.

As much as I love my work in the Philippines, I resigned last June of 2019, to move here in Indiana, USA. Now that I am fully settled here in America, I can’t wait to get back in teaching.

These being said, I am already excited to meet you in my class!


University of the Cordilleras

Political Science

April 2010

International Open Academy


February 2020


ESL/EFL Teacher/Trainer/Faculty Head

Pines International Academy

February 2005 to July 2019

In 2005, I started working with Pines International Academy, Philippines, as a classroom teacher for Korean executives and their children. I was promoted to Assistant Faculty Head after 4 months. I worked in the Junior Dept. of the company hiring and training new teachers. In 2009, I was again promoted to Faculty Head for a new campus established in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines. Months after that, I was transferred back to Baguio City to man the Junior Dept. there. At the same time I was also tasked to supervise the HR Training Team. My job with Pines become wider in scope when I was also tasked to become the Faculty Head of the Refresher Course Dept. Not long after, I was transferred to supervise both the Junior Campus and the Main Campus in the new building in Baguio City, Philippines. I left the company for the reason of moving permanently here in Indiana, USA.


esl-certified, bachelor’s degree, 2+ years of experience, tesol certificate english speaker two-year experience in teaching english to foreigners full time microsoft office tesol certified management business english public speaking  responsibility, self-respect and self-reliance  experienced in communicating with clients, employees and partners  hard working, good fun, organized person  team player, expressing a fair-play, problem-solving attitude  goal-oriented work focused capacity  good abilities for synthetic and global views over concrete situations  good ability to establish and maintain good working relations with people of different national and cultural backgrounds friendly and confident manner good planning and organization skills the ability to work under pressure flexible and adaptable teaching style excellent spoken and written communication skills effective listening skills and above all, sensitivity, tolerance and patience


english tagalog i speak english fluently a little korean kapampangan ilocano full professional proficiency in english


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