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I am an EFL teacher of Turkish origin; however, I was born and spent a considerable part of my life in Germany. Accordingly, I am bilingual and I think that knowing a second Germanic language like one’s mother tongue as an EFL teacher is an indispensable asset. 

I believe that teaching a Western language to students from different geographical regions also includes helping them to overcome cultural barriers because language is one of the fundamental components of culture. I feel that the world is heading towards a globe of intercultural harmony and awareness. Therefore, one of the important duties of an EFL teacher is to bridge cultural gaps while teaching English. I am sure that my awareness and integration of eastern and western culture will help students understand the English language and culture better. Furthermore, I would also be able to teach German and Turkish upon request. 


King George International Business College – Canada


April 2015

Marmara University

EFL Teacher (English Teacher Education Degree)

July 1989



Ninth September University/Istanbul Aydin University

September 2011 to June 2015

·         Taught content-based English as a foreign language at academic levels.

·         Assessment/marking/report writing.

·         ESP preparation and evaluation  

·         Gave TOEFL-IBT preparation courses  


Officer and English Instructor

Turkish Air Force

March 1990 to April 2011

·        Taught, as part of an in-service training program, basic, intermediate, upper- Intermediate English (EFL) as well as TOEFL proficiency to military personnel.

·        Taught content based military writing and briefing styles in English, as well as military jargon to military personnel assigned to overseas duties within the NATO.

·        Besides being an English teacher, also worked as the Ground Safety Officer of the Air Force Language School, dealing with risk management and assessment, as well as accident investigation and reporting.

·        Worked as Ground Safety Inspector for the Air Training Command of the TUAF inspecting,  assessing and reporting any failures or misconducts within its affiliated units regarding safety procedures and rules.(at corps level)

·        Was assigned as the Chief of Students’ Bureau of the Air force Language School focusing on student admission, disciplinary issues, and graduation procedures.


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