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Hello Fellow Educators, I am a teacher of language, linguistics, and student success. These three entities are indeed linked and complement one another wonderfully. Success in any dimension of life depends upon the degree of passion and conviction with which one pursues the chosen or ordained path to the ultimate victory. Learning a language well requires the continual and firm commitment to frequent, intensive, and progressive study, driven by motivation and passion for the activity. Oral rehearsal with language partners, explication of written text through involved reading, and astute and meticulous writing in the target language all converge to yield a colorful and compelling path towards thorough acquisition and ultimately vibrant expression. True success belongs to the well-instructed and determined. At Iowa State University (ISU), I earned my B.A. and M.A. degrees in theoretical linguistics and applied linguistics, respectively. The classes, studies, and assignments required of me were both engaging and intriguing. My investigations into the intricate workings of language on grammatical, phonological, morphological, and social levels were useful for increasing my depth of knowledge and understanding. My professors offered thoughtful reviews and contributions to my projects, assisting me in developing my critical thinking skills for both language analysis and teaching. My experiences with English language teaching at ISU, E.S. Dubai, and Des Moines Area Community College have imparted many valuable opportunities to apply the principles of language theory to the classroom. Philip A. Lombardo, M.A.


Des Moines Area Community College

Electronics Systems Servicing Technology

December 2001

Iowa State University

Applied Linguistics and TESOL

May 2017

American TESOL Institute

Advanced TESOL Certificate

May 2013

Iowa State University


May 2010


Electronics Instructor

ITT Technical Institute

August 2011 to June 2014

Teaching analog and digital electronics fundamentals. Circuits, devices, applications, mathematical operations, and analysis tools were integrated into class instruction for furtherance of student understanding and progress. DC and AC power supplies, voltage and current dividers, LCR circuitry, amplifiers, digital gates, astable multivibrators, sinewave and clock-input pulse generators, oscilloscopes, multimeters, and digital pulse troubleshooters were included in curricula.

Employed: 08/2011 – 06/2014 (I returned to Iowa State University for graduate study.)

Student Teacher, Intensive English Orientation Program

Iowa State University

August 2015 to December 2015

Teaching Writing Level 2B and 3B to international students at ISU as part of English 588 class requirement, tutoring international students of ISU personally, and proofreading student publications and articles.

EFL Instructor

E.S. Dubai

June 2016 to October 2016

Teaching English full-time in Dubai to adult students from various countries. Classes included Upper-Intermediate English, Elementary English, and IELTS. Position included giving daily lectures, creating and delivering lesson plans, creating writing assessments and speaking tasks, administering tests, placing incoming students into appropriate levels, and submitting weekly class activity reports. Six contact hours per day with students were given at this TEFL institute.

ESL, ESP & EAP Instructor

Des Moines Area Community College

November 2017 to January 2020

Teaching English to college and pre-university students, new immigrants, and refugees from various countries. Elementary English, Intermediate English, ESP, and EAP classes are provided. My post includes creation of lesson plans and interactive exercises utilizing classical and modern methods; teaching from the National Geographic and Pearson curricula; lecturing; and assessment of progress of students. I am certified with the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems (CASAS) program that measures longitudinal progress and language proficiency levels. CASAS is approved by worldwide government & education agencies.


tesol esl: tesl/tefl certified native english speaker teaching english tefl/tesol certificate a master/bachelor degree in teaching english or applied linguistics/ or related degree in related field none related degrees are accepted


english arabic (intermediate) intermediate russian ancient hebrew


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