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As a young boy, I grew up in a home that educators surrounded. I was blessed to have a mother who instilled in me the Godly virtues of hard work, dedication, patience, honesty, humility, commitment to excellence, and a can-do attitude. The Lord blessed me with aptitudes for academics and sports, where I excelled. I have had the privilege to serve my country in uniform as a member of the US Army. My successful career as an executive has taken me to distant lands like Canada, France, Germany, the Philippines, Singapore, Guam, and Japan. I established, rebuilt, and struggled enterprises back to profitability. I engaged with individuals from differing cultures, backgrounds, and religions by appreciating their customs and traditions. These experiences have truly prepared me to transcend and share them with aspiring students in an academic setting. I genuinely believe that the education of tomorrow starts today.

The world has changed due to the advancements in technology which has brought the global community closer. What used to take months, days, or weeks to do can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes or even seconds. These changes in technology, cultures, and customs require that today's youth be adequately equipped to succeed in the Global Marketplace. The approach to preparing our youth to be the global leaders of tomorrow requires a different method that emphasizes tackling the problems of climate change, sustainability, freedom of conscience, inequality, illiteracy, religious intolerance, healthcare crisis such as the COVID 19 Pandemic, shared prosperity for all, the end to forever wars, and the efforts to forge a peaceful coexistence among nations regardless of their political affiliations or style of governance. We must teach our youth to acknowledge and appreciate the diversity that has flowered in the global community along the lines of race, culture, customs, and religion. As an educator, my goal is to create an opportunity where the best and biggest minds can achieve and accomplish their dreams, whether in the arts, sciences, business, government, or even the military. It is my desire by the grace of God Almighty to have a hand in developing this young mind by giving back to each one of them the knowledge, skills, abilities, and talents which had molded me into the successful individual that I am now

. I view my role as an educator as that of a symphony conductor. In a symphony, you have many parts, such as woodwinds, brass, strings, and percussions. It is the role of the conductor to direct these entirely different musical entities to make beautiful music. As a successful hospitality executive, I had the opportunity to wear many hats such as coach, entrepreneurial, motivator, accountant, and educator in my successful business and educator career. I believe that one must develop excellent time management skills and make quick and detailed decisions with the information you give. You must have a command presence about you and anticipate a given situation before it even happens. I have always motivated, inspired, and empowered my team to be the very best of what they do.

I genuinely believe that a leader must be compassionate, committed, encouraging, motivating, coaching, and determined. Great leaders inspire those under your charge to perform at the top of their game because they have created an atmosphere of positive encouragement, motivational excellence, and high expectations. These are the exact expectations, attributes, and characteristics that I believe are necessary foundations for classroom instruction at the post-secondary level. As an Academician, I hold core values such as empathy, integrity, honesty, honor, virtue, humility, and trust to motivate and direct learners onto the path to career success and self-confidence. I bring to individual students at the secondary and post-secondary level attributes of success that I accomplished both in and outside the classroom, enhancing the learning experiences of all students that I will interact with daily.


Richard L. Dixon, BA, MA, & Doctoral Candidate


APUS (American Public University System)

MA in International Relations with a concentration in Conflict Resolution

August 2011

DePauw University

BA in History/Political Science

May 1982


Director of Dining Services


August 2001 to August 2005

Served as the liaison between DePaul University and Chartwells Higher Educational Dining Services to execute day-to-day operations of a multi-million-dollar foodservice operation. Specific responsibilities included: • Overall coordination, coaching, counseling, training, hiring, developing, and assisting of all front-of-house and back-of-the-house associates • Maintained cycle menu implementation, marketing promotions, inventory, P&L • Managed a staff of more than 80 full- and part-time employees • Created a vocational educator for a pilot program funded by the U.S. government to reintroduce at-risk youth and adults into the workforce. Skills taught were reading ability, preparing resumes, time management, and interaction with fellow employees. • Served as a mentor in the Pro-start culinary program in conjunction with the National Restaurant Association, in partnership with the city of Chicago School System in training aspiring culinary high school students.

Adjunct Professor

Underwood University

August 2016 to Current

Serve as a Professor in the Business Administration Department with an aspiring, growing, and progressive university. Presently teaching the following upper-level online courses: MGT302 Creative Problem Solving, BUS499: Business Administration Capstone (Seniors Course), & MGR203: Basic Managerial Finance. Previously taught the following specialty courses: HTM200 Introduction to Hotel Operations, HTM210 Introduction to Foodservice Operations, and HTM201 Hospitality Development and Facilities Management. Developed, HTM211 Foodservice Theory and Practice. Formulated and designed course structure, expectations, academic standards, and criteria. Teaching a robust global student body from the United States, India, Pakistan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Familiar with Online formats such as Blackboard Kanopy S.I.S., and Populi grading and student portal systems.

Long-Term Substitute Teacher

Ogden and Davis School Districts,

August 2017 to June 2019

Worked as an educational professional in the Ogden & Davis School Districts on single or multiple-day assignments at the Junior High or High School level. Proficient in teaching the following disciplines because of educational and professional expertise and experience: Business Administration, A.P. History, Political Science, Operations Management, International Relations, Geography, Economics, Business Management & Operations, Entrepreneurialism, Hospitality, Culinary, and Tourism Management.

Opioid Prevent and Community Outreach Project Director

Opioid Prevent and Community Outreach Project Director

June 2019 to December 2020

Facilitate Opioid Outreach, Education, and Public Advocacy Initiative for Ogden and Weber County communities. Conduct informational overviews, seminars, community forums, referrals, and training about the Opioid epidemic, addiction, and overdose and the practical steps to combat and prevent them. Work with educational institutions, faith-based organizations, businesses, senior centers, nonprofits, and support and medical treatment facilities.

Regional District Manager


December 2011 to March 2013

Managed, directed, and built upon remote site catering camps in Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Utah for the oil, gas, and mining sectors. Specific responsibilities and accomplishments included: • Liaison between industry and state environmental health regulators • Assured efficient staffing, food usage, and good business practices leading to the expected profitability of all assigned operations • Achieved 100% targeted EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization). • Designed and developed District Manager's and Camp Manager's Operational Manuals • Championed workplace practice and behavior that elevated standards

Food & Beverage Operations and Entertainment Manager

DG 21 L.L.C., Diego Garcia, BIOT (British Indian Ocean Territory)

November 2008 to December 2011

Successfully oversaw the M.W.R. (Morale Welfare & Recreation) Clubs, Bars, Restaurants, and Entertainment Venus of the U.S. Navy Support Facility, Diego Garcia, B.I.O.T. (British Indian Ocean Territory), and the daily management of 10 multi-unit outlets with six salary managers, and 200 total- and part-time employees. Specific responsibilities and accomplishments included: • Maintained $3 to $5 million in revenues annually • Operations and off-premise catering for 2500 plus people • Built revenue and client satisfaction • Worked with environmental health regulators and achieved a 100% food sanitation rating • Maintained high food quality with menu creation, adherence, and budget/cost control • Led organizational development, employee staffing, training, and hiring • Create marketing tools to create and execute promotions, contests, entertainment, and generate revenues for 150 Slot Machines

General Manager of U.S. Operations


August 2005 to November 2008

Successfully oversaw the daily multi-unit operations of 10 remote site camps in 3 states, Utah, Wyoming, & Colorado. Specific responsibilities and accomplishments included: • Managed facilities with priority placed on efficient operations and client satisfaction • Served as a liaison between industry and state environmental health regulators • Maintained high standards for food and camp sanitation, food quality, menu adherence, budgetary factors • Led efforts in organizational development and strategic planning • Employee staffing, training, and hiring.


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