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As an experienced and passionate private school English teacher, I have 7 years’ experience teaching English. I have an INTESOL accredited 190 hour TESOL qualification from Witwatersrand Language School in South Africa and am equipped to help my students master not only their conversation skills, reading, writing, and grammar skills, but also test preparation skills. I currently teach English online ( and am seeking additional teaching hours.

I am a friendly teacher who makes my students feel comfortable. Speaking lessons flow easily as I find topics that interest my students while still building their vocabulary. In terms of grammar, I pride myself on being a grammar stickler who detects and gently corrects incorrect grammar not only during speaking lessons, but also in texts. Regarding writing lessons, I know the importance of giving targeted but detailed, thorough but simple feedback. I am an expert style guide who gives positive and constructive feedback on how to adapt one's writing style, content, and vocabulary for a particular audience and purpose. This is something I love doing and at which I excel.

Because I am passionate about teaching, I am extremely hardworking and meticulous and have excellent time-management. I would love the opportunity to teach more students and help develop their love for the language, both spoken and written. 


University of Witwatersrand

190 hour TESOL - INTESOL accredited

December 2014

University of Johannesburg

BA Humanities

December 2010

University of Johannesburg

Postgraduate Certificate in Education

December 2012


Academic English tutor

University of Johannesburg

February 2010 to July 2011

Duties included: 

Tutoring first year students in Academic English,

Private consultation with students.

Attending regular tutor training workshops & preparing for weekly group tutorials.

Marking and administration.

English teacher

St Martin's School

September 2011 to December 2014

Duties included: 

Teaching English to one Gr. 8, one Gr. 9, and one Gr. 10 class.

Giving extra English lessons to the remedial learners in Grades 8-11.

Editing school policy documents and report writing for the school chronicle.

English and Drama related extra-curricular activities (public speaking & drama productions).

English teacher

Brescia House School

January 2015 to December 2016

Duties included: - Teaching 5 English classes: two Gr. 8 classes and three Gr. 9 classes - Designing the Gr.8 & Gr.9 curriculum. - Co-ordinator and administrator of the debating club. - English Olympiad coach. - Giving extra lessons on an ad hoc basis.


native english speaker bachelors degree + tefl /tesol/ celta/ pgce comfortable working with children and adults teaching experience essay/academic writing business english ielts grammatician conversationalist editing


english afrikaans


April 2017.


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