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Dear Teachers. Me and my team have recently developed an online teaching start-up which is currently hiring new teachers. The platform is called

 Here is the detailed description.

1. Teachers at Speage work independently and create their own leeson plans.

2. You are allowed to set your own prices. Normally between 15-20 EUR per 60 minute lesson. Speage charges 10% commision

3. You will teach via videochat. Videochat is embedded on our website, so that you do not need to download any software or create new accounts.

4. Speage provides teachers with protection system. This means there are strict rules for lesson cancellation and rescheduling. Detailed description here:

5. You are free to create your own schedule by selecting the desired timeslots. The timezone is automatically set to the timezone of your operating system. It is then recalculated to the timezone of the student.

6. Student ages - 15 -99

7. Native and non-native speakers may apply

8. In order to apply, you need to record a one minute Youtube video. In the introduction video, you will cover your teaching experience and teaching methods. You will then paste the link into your profile.

9. Teaching certificates and degrees are not required.

10. You need to upload a profile photo with your face clearly visible.

11. Teachers of Spanish, German or Russian are also welcome to register.

 Should you have any further questions feel free to ask, see our FAQ or register at :) Have a nice day

Team Speage

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This is how you start a lesson.

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