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The Grove ELC

Binh Duong, Vietnam

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Current city:
Binh Duong
Current country:
79 Khu Pho Binh Hoa, Lai Thieu, Thuan An,


We are a growing, fairly new international preschool in Vietnam with multicultural students and teachers. We are an ESL environment and we teach children from 2 – 5 years old. We have a nice facility nestled in the quiet part of town. We are play-based and are trying to integrate different pedagogies as we go along. Our founders are very much inclined towards Montessori/ Reggio/ Waldorf.

We are looking at expanding our pool of teachers.

We are looking for positive, enthusiastic, and open-minded individuals who share our love for playing, singing, laughing, and exploring with our students.

Our school is built from scratch by two foreign teachers who have come to love Vietnam. We are not a big school system, but we give our team the best treatment we can!

If you are looking for an adventure or just would like to see what opportunities lie within our school for you. Let’s talk! We are open to different set-ups. We are happy to offer fair compensation plus living allowance and good number of days off.

Please send us your CV if this sounds interesting to you. We’d love to hear from you.

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