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WECI/V Future Introduction

WECI International English School originates from Canada, founded in Fujian Province China in 2000 and established in Changchun in 2007. WECI believes English is used for communicative purposes and is to be used by the learners for better job opportunities inside and outside China. WECI aims to build and develop the personality of the learners, to uplift their sense of self-value, to improve their living conditions and thus uplift their living quality. The mission of WECI is to provide advanced international English education to Chinese students and help them become world class talents in the future.

With 10 years development, the unique teaching ideology and teaching pattern of WECI has attracted about one hundred foreign teachers from more than 10 countries worldwide to come and work here. WECI has witnessed the whole learning process of numerous students from ‘Dumb English’ to ‘Free Conversation’. Thousands of  students come from all over the country to learn English in WECI with the purpose of  getting a better score in examinations, studying abroad, immigration or employment After taking the ‘Total Immersion English’ courses of WECI, their comprehensive English levels have very significantly improved within a short time and their English abilities have become more competitive. Most of our graduates are now studying abroad or working in joint-ventured enterprises. English has broadened their horizons and changed their lives.

V Future designs its teaching system to meet the standard of talent need after 20 years. It serves 3 to 12 years old children and their families based on its exclusive Three Layer Iceberg Language Learning Model and Three Capacities Quality Education Model and other renowned child psychology, logistics and communication theories. V Future teaches the students knowledge and skills to live and develop in the future by focusing on their morality, ability, individuality and physical and spiritual health. Together with the parents, V Future is committed to enhance the comprehensive ability of the children for a happy, enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Starting in 2007 WECI International English has demonstrated a commitment to its mandate of enabling second language English speakers gain the fluency and competence required in global competitive workplace and academia. With each passing year it has strengthened its teaching base and reputation as a training institute that is sensitive to the needs of its clients and a partner in them achieving their goals.

Identity: Quality English Education Expert

Tenet: The Best Love for Children

Mission: To provide advanced international education to make more children have a happy, enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Vision: To become the biggest education group in China and make the dreams of our clients, staff, shareholders and business partners come true.

Values: Be responsible. Be professional. Be grateful. Be perseverant.

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