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Founded in 2015, Vipteens aims to introduce the English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum into mainland China from North America. Through the Internet, Elementary and middle school teachers of North America could give lessons to Chinese students directly. Meanwhile, Chinese students could receive the original K-12 education of North America even without leaving home.

In recent years, an increasing number of Chinese students choose to go to America for secondary and higher education. Consequently, they are faced with the obstacles of standardized tests. If they take SSAT, SAT, ACT, AP or TOEFL exams without receiving systematic training of English reading and writing, without knowledge of American culture and history, and without instruction in critical thinking, it would be extremely difficult for them to achieve satisfactory scores. 

By means of live online courses of small-group tutoring, Chinese students from Grade 3-12 are allowed to learn curriculum of North America successively and systematically. They no longer need to prepare for language and subject tests in a highly exam-oriented way. Instead, they can think like American students, take Common-Core aligned courses regularly and systematically, and therefore make better preparations for their overseas study.Our typical student is aged 8-16. Selected instructors will be able to work from home or anywhere you wish as long as you have good internet access, all classes are home based.

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